Spotlight on: The Intermission Project

By Pascal Ebner

The Intermission Project: Jim, Alex & Charlie

Take three best friends, a great folk sound and the ability to craft melodious songs – what do you get? The Intermission Project. Jim Rubaduka, Alex Stevens and Charlie Campbell form this inspiring ensemble that set out on a road trip (see the customised 1970s VW camper van Rosie above) to share their catchy music that puts you into the cheerful sentiment at any time. Even famed chef Jamie Oliver has featured their track on one of his FoodTube Channel videos.

The three young men were able to embark on their adventure with the help of YHA (Youth Hostels Association) and the Mahogany Sessions and visited 5 youth hostels in only 7 days: From St. Paul’s in London to Danywenallt, over to Bristol, on to Treyarnon, a stop in Beer and finally back to St. Paul’s. Luckily, .Cent had the chance to ask the trio a few questions – not only to get to know them better, but also to share some of their best moments from the YHA Road Trip with us.


.Cent: Since it is quite difficult these days for young artists to start off in the challenging music business, what encouraged the three of you to actually get your music out there? Or were you simply meant to be musicians?

The Intermission Project: Well I think for Alex and I it was more accidental. We played a couple of school shows and our friends seemed to like what we were doing but they’re supposed to. So we played a couple of open mic nights and got offered gigs and it all snowballed. So we took a year out to concentrate on playing more and here we are. I always wanted to be involved in music in some way I just never envisaged it would be in this particular incarnation. But Charlie has a different story, he was meant to be a musician and we’re happy our paths crossed when they did.

.Cent: What do you think are a few of the most important features a young musician should have to create and share his or her music?

The Intermission Project: Well I think we’re still figuring it out but people who have given us advice have told us that hard work is imperative. I think the key is to always look for ways to improve and to actually want to improve. But what do I know?

.Cent: We were really impressed by the idea of doing the YHA Road Trip to let even more people engage with your music. What was your personal highlight during the trip? And what is the most precious experience you were able to take with you?

The Intermission Project: Well the guys at the Mahogany Blog got in touch with us and told us a little bit about YHA and the tour of its Youth Hostels it was organising and we were game to do it. We’re happy that we did and honoured that the guys at the Blog even thought of us. We got to play in some amazing locations. I think we all have different things that stick out in our heads as highlights. But we can all agree on how cool it is to see the look on people’s faces when they haven’t heard us before and all of a sudden take notice. We’re thankful to YHA for helping us see more of those moments. And we really loved that a lot of families showed up to our gigs. There’s something pretty special about seeing three generations of the same family enjoy what you’re playing.

.Cent: We’re quite curious about the name of your band – how did you come up with “The Intermission Project”?

The Intermission Project: Without writing an essay, the name comes from having that feeling of being between one thing and the next and during that transitional time finding something way better than the ‘next’ and pursuing that instead. I don’t know if that makes any sense but we think everybody goes through an ‘intermission’ phase in their lives whether big or small.

.Cent: Where do you see yourself – or rather – would you like to see yourself in, let’s say, about 5 years?

The Intermission Project: Well hopefully we’ll still be involved in music in some way, shape or form. And primarily still the best of friends.


The Mahogany Blog is going to share some visual material with fans, who weren’t able to attend and are going to release 4 films on their official YouTube Channel. Check out part 1 of 4 down below, detailing the Road Trip with YHA:

Want to hear more? Check out some more songs on SoundCloud:

If you want to retrace some of the YHA Road Trip steps this summer, there are still beds and rooms available at YHA Bristol and London St Pauls during September.

To find out more about The Intermission Project check out their official website, support them on Facebook, get updates on Twitter and hear even more sounds on SoundCloud. Even more cool tunes can be found on The Mahogany Sessions YouTube Channel!