May Our Theme – Flowing

By Jo Phillips


  1. (especially of long hair or clothing) hanging or draping loosely and gracefully.”a long flowing gown of lavender silk”Similar: loose hanging loose/free unconfined limp flaccid floppy flowy
  2. (of a line or contour) smoothly continuous”the flowing curves of a lawn”
  3. graceful and fluent.”a flowing prose style”

 Let’s explore this theme across May together.

We choose a word in order to set the topic so we can explore across the creative world different ideas within a tight arena. This gives us a unique place in the world of editorial and opens up accessible but intelligent debate.

.Cent celebrates creativity from the unique perspective of having the creatives comment directly in articles for the influential readership, therefore, creating a personal yet powerful and congruent experience.

.Cent chooses a monthly theme and builds topical daily unique web posts relating to the themes across fashion, art, music, design, architecture, literature, and more. We encourage the creatives themselves to input the pieces and always look for a unique yet intelligent approach that truly engages our first adoption readership. If you have an idea why not get in touch we would love to hear from you

Feel free to explore our monthly themes here on our About Page and also do get in touch with ideas you may have on a theme.

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