Twist It Up

By Catarina Figueiredo Soares

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. There is always more news, more transformations and different approaches that brands take. Here we just bring you some news piece about a couple of brands that decided to twist up their collections taking distinct perspectives and inspirations. Find out more about these new collections here in Twist It Up.

A mix of Paris and Los Angeles comes first. Lanvin is a high fashion House from France. This brand decided to twist it up with the help of Gallery Dept. founder Josué Thomas. Bringing both worlds together, the pieces of clothing from Lanvin’s collection were hacked with art and the streetstyle spirit. This way, with the addition of the paint drip technique, the garments come to life bursting with energy and the feeling of freedom. 

Celebrating culture is what JW Anderson and Uniqlo are doing this summer. The two brands are commemorating Britain’s sailing and seaside culture. This collection has a variety of garments like knot dresses, shirts with embroidered sailboats and yacht parkas. Delivering design and comfort this line includes colour blocks from nature such as vivid greens and reds, beige from the shores and oceanic blues for a truly tranquil seashore style. 

To find out more about Lanvin X Gallery Dept. click here. Discover more about Uniqlo X JW Anderson here.

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