Weave: Best Textured Hair Treatments

By Jo Phillips

Trying to control, and look after naturally curly hair in the UK is not an easy business due to our indigenous climate – damp is the number one enemy.  Take it from one who has spent years (and hundreds of £’s) looking for the holy grail….

No longer just the domain of specialist hair shops or across the pond (Luster, Carol’s Daughter), the UK’s fabulous high street has recognised just how many people need products that cater for textured hair; be it curls, afro hair, and everything in between.  Slowly slowly, the textured hair market is being catered for properly.

.Cent beauty asked a number of textured hair beauties to trial the best of the UK’s high street offering, so that you don’t have to scour the corners looking for your hair saviour.  So whether you’re a straightening queen, if you get your weave on, have a lace front wig, are a fan of the braids and skull plaits that are the style of the moment, make sure you’ve got one of these rescue remedies in your bathroom to rescue your hair:  If you’re struggling with any sort of hair loss, you will need to look into treatments like scalp micropigmentation for more information. 

Cent - Weave - Joico mr-treatmentbalm

Beauty editor Alexis trialled Joico’s Moisture recovery Treatment balm” which is aimed at hydrating damaged and curly hair – of all types.   She said “I loved the smell of this treatment, containing the fab sounding Murumuru, as well as jojoba and shea butter as the main ingredients, it left a fab fragrance on my hair all day, and I could feel how it nourished my hair pretty much immediately.  So easy to use, I just had to leave it on for 5 minutes after washing my hair and then rinse. I felt like I’d given my hair a drink and it really improved the condition of my curls – like they’d been reborn.  I’ve even begun using it in place of a styling product as I’ve found it gives me great curl control over my hair!”

cent - weave - keratin pro 2min treatmentLaura, our new fashion editor, got to grips with Keratin Pro‘s “2 minute super smooth treatment” and found that “it’s made my unruly curls super smooth.  I was surprised that this worked so well as I never seem to have any luck finding anything which can contain the curls and fight the frizz, yet this did exactly that.  It’s a keratin based treatment, so I felt like I was giving back to my hair, given how much I’ve put it through over the years.  And! It only takes 2 minutes to do after a shampoo and condition!  I’m keeping this under lock and key!!”

cent - weave - ojon damage reverseVisual artist Sherry tested the “Damage Reverse Restorative hair treatment” from Ojon, and she says “Being mixed race, my hair is havoc to deal with.  It likes dry weather and obviously here, we don’t really get that.  So I’m forever using wigs and weaves to try and keep it at bay and as a result my hair is pretty fragile and brittle.  This treatment was pretty unusual to anything I’ve tried before – it emulsifies from a balm into an oil!  I had to read the instructions properly as it is different to a normal masque but once I got the hang of it, it was a doddle.  You apply it onto dry hair – from root to tip, so that the hair is saturated completely and leave for around 20 minutes.  Enough time for a chat on the phone and then rinse it back out.  I found it really really lovely – the ingredients include ojon oil and rouge oleifera – both pure oils aimed at nourishing the hair, and was pretty happy with the results.  You only need to use once a week and it’s well worth it for the instant results.  If your hair is destroyed, you can leave it on overnight too – but I’d suggest wrapping your hair in a towel so you don’t spoil your pillowcases.  Really pleased with this.”

Cent - Weave - Bumble - mending masqueEvents organiser Karlene trialled Bumble & Bumble’s “Mending Masque” and said it was closest to her hair heaven yet.  “The instructions say to use once a week to restore strength, elasticity and detangle with ease.  I have a seriously seriously curly afro, and have blonde ends so it is not only curly, but damaged too!  This was so easy to use; just applied all over my head after washing with my normal shampoo, and made sure to cover my hair in it.  You need to leave ten minutes for it to work properly, so I had a cuppa and then rinsed it out.  Wooha this is so awesome.  Made an immediate difference to its softness.  Thanks Bumble!!”

Cent - weave - Moroccanoil_Intense_Hydrating_Mask

Freelance fashion stylist Naomi used the “Intense Hydrating Mask” from Moroccanoil and discovered a new favourite for her short cropped fro.  She said “This doesn’t need heat to work, just to be left on the hair for around 5 or so minutes and then rinse out.  I’m low maintenance because of my high maintenance job and crazy hours, so this is a dream to use, because it works.  I’d heard loads about Moroccanoil but had never managed to get around to trying it myself so I am super happy that I’ve now got it in my bathroom and on my hair!”

Cent - weave - mizaniKeysha, a singer, tested out Mizani’s “True Textures Perfect Curl” which she told us, “This is more a defining and nourishing Cream than a treatment, but! I found this acted as a great, lightweight leave-in conditioner.  I have a lace front wig and often change my look depending on my shows so my natural hair is often hidden away.   I had no problem applying this to my hair and walking out the door without giving it a second thought.  And yet, I can’t normally do that unless I have my wigs on.  So this was a big step for me!”

Cent - Weave - davines-love shampoo conditionerLeah from .Cent used Davine’s “love curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner” and was seriously impressed with the duo: “As both products specialised in enhancing natural curly hair, I found them very good to use as they detangled and enhanced my curls easily, whilst having a nice scent.  After having my hair in braids for a few months, I felt both products did what they advertised, they nourished my hair without weighing it down, and made my hair feel light and improved the volume of my hair, as well as giving my original curls their bounce back.  The conditioner left my hair feeling very soft and had a nice shine to it, and included natural ingredients rice wax and pistachio oil as well as extract of noto almonds which gives it an added ethical bonus of supporting the Slow Food Foundation and being part of a sustainable long term project.”

Cent - weave - structure twistSabrina, our editorial intern, tested out Structure’sCurly hair gum” to see if it could keep them more manageable.  Here’s her findings: “I found you could create nice curls really easily and quickly using this treatment, and they held their shape for a few days too!  It added a shine to my hair as well which is something I always try to achieve because my curls never seem to look curly.  It was easy to use and not sticky at all. I love this!”

Cent - weave - fudge_dynamite_intense_hair_repair_treatment.Cent’s beauty & fashion intern Nada tried out the “Dynamite Intensive Hydrating Hair drink” from Fudge and commented: “The first thing that struck me about this product is how lovely it smells.  It is quite creamy and thick, but at the same time, surprisingly weightless and easy to rinse out – which I loved.  I was surprised to see Guarana as an ingredient as I’m used to seeing it in drinks, however it appears to be a very versatile and useful ingredient for my very curly mane felt so smooth afterwards and was easy to blow dry.  This is definitely one for keeps as I am constantly using heated tools to deal with my hair – it would improve the dryness and my split ends!”

Other recommended products specifically for textured and afro hair include Skimdo, Twisted Sista, Pink’s original luster cream as well as natural olive oil.  Release those curls my friends and enjoy your natural hair!

* Picture credit: Tribal mask made from Hair.  Created by Alison Dace from Saks, exclusive permission for .Cent Beauty to use.

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