Why We Should Experiment with Fashion

By Jo Phillips

Fashion is always changing, with fashion designers and experts in the fashion field introducing new products every single day. With the important role that fashion plays in boosting self-confidence, a good number of fashion enthusiasts are keen on keeping up with the latest trends in the industry.
However, experimenting with fashion is also a great way of developing a unique sense of style. Owning a personal style is not for the faint hearted as it requires a great deal of courage, time and patience to reveal to the world the truth about your identity.
So, why should we be more experimental?
It helps to increase your confidence. When you experiment with fashion, and your personal style gets you compliments from the people you meet, you are bound to feel proud and confident about your work. Choosing a personal style will also ensure that you settle on what you feel comfortable in. This will go a long way in allowing you to increase your confidence and feel better about yourself.
You get to try out something new
Experimenting with fashion makes it possible for us to try out outfits that we may never have thought of trying out. This could give you a different feel from what the latest trends offer you. For instance, trying open crotch tights will not only be a different outfit, but will help you to exercise your creativity when choosing what to wear them with. These may also boost your body confidence as you’ll feel much more feminine and sensual in them.
You get to stand out. Whenever there is a new fashion trend in the market, many people will rush to follow the trend. When you decide to experiment with fashion, you will make your bold personal statement at a time when many people have the same or similar style. Standing out from the crowd will help you to express your unique personality to the world, making you feel comfortable with who you are.
You will exercise your creativity
Experimenting with fashion to come up with a unique style requires that you exercise your creative instincts. You will be more observant to get ideas from the people you meet and the things you see. Your creativity will also extend to other areas of your life, a factor that will help you to develop your gifts and abilities. When you can use your creativity to develop unique personal styles, this may open up opportunities in the fashion world.
It helps you to develop and express discipline

Experimenting with fashion requires you to develop a certain level of discipline. In the initial stages, you will need to say no to following the trends in the market no matter how fancy they appear. Your discipline will also develop when you shop, since you will need to take time and exercise patience before you can get the clothes and style that work for you. In the long run, you will have to develop the discipline to know the power of quality over quantity as well as how much to invest in your style.
You will find the clothes that represent who you are
We can use the clothes we wear as well as the accessories we put on to express the person that we have become. Fashion trends change, and so do all of us. At every point of our lives, we will want to buy clothes that will express who we truly are. While trends may not allow us to do this successfully, unique personal styles will give us the chance to find the clothes that fit our personality.
It will help you find what suits your body. While the trends we see may look good on models, they may not appear as appealing on everyone. Different fashion styles will look great on different body styles. When you decide not to follow the trends and take the time to identify the clothes that suit your body, you are likely to identify the clothes that accentuate your features.