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.Bold: James Younger – ‘Feelin’ American’

James Younger

From Manchester to the United States to Vancouver: James Younger began his journey at the young age of 21 and has since been able to groove in the genre of guitar pop. On 25 June the ambitious musician is going to release his debut album, with the perfect-fitting title “Feelin’ American”.

The opening track of Younger’s debut album, “Monday Morning”, has already been released and even features a clip for the track on YouTube – bringing back memories from the first-ever created music videos accompanied by german subtitles, adding an international flair.

James Younger’s passion for the USA, especially its music scene, can be sensed in his catchy guitar-pop. Influence, from renowned artists such as The Strokes, White Stripes and Tom Petty, can be found throughout the whole album.

James Younger‘s debut album “Feelin’ American” will be available from 25 June on. His singles “Monday Morning” and “What Comes After The Weekend” can be purchased on iTunes.

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