Our Themes

Find out about us at .Cent magazine and see how we work to create our unique content for you to engage with.  Each month we take a theme and explore it via our daily posts;  April is about transformation with the words Nature to Nurture, which brings a sense of stillness to be explored. Towards the summer finds May with Artificial, June will be Material and finally  July we will delve into  3D.  Feel free to get in touch with editorial ideas editor@centmagazine.co.uk.

.Cent celebrates creativity from the unique perspective of having the creatives comment directly in articles for the influential readership therefore creating a personal yet powerful and congruent experience.


How we work

.Cent chooses a monthly theme and builds topical unique web posts relating to the themes across fashion, art, music, design, architecture, literature, and more. We encourage the creatives themselves to input the pieces and always look for a unique yet intelligent approach that truly engages our first adoption readership.


Circular Publishing

.Cent opens the door to a new era in lifestyle publishing by covering art, music, fashion, design, architecture, literature and more, uniquely being penned by creatives. 

Quarterly a digital magazine is created together with a guest editor. The content is tailored according to their chosen theme.
.Cent provides a personal insight into what makes the guest editor creatively tick. As well as this, .Cent commissions articles and images from renowned creative names to up-coming talent alongside pieces by people the guest editor knows and admires.

.Cent provides an open platform for intelligent yet accessible debate. Now .Cent exists in a fast-emerging digital-centric era and explores whole new realms of possibilities in multimedia publishing. This unique process is called ‘Circlical Publishing’©. Now you can hear, see and listen to the same engaging content you’re used to plus so much more.
For more information please contact us at: editor@centmagazine.co.uk.

Internships at .Cent magazine

If you are interested in internships at .Cent please feel free to contact us at: editor@centmagazine.co.uk.

We will be doing remote internships for the short term future only.

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