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.Decorate: Embellish The Scenery

It seems the aesthetics of city skyscrapers are all the same nowadays. Part of what makes a great city are undoubtedly the buildings that surround it, and buildings such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Bowery New York, Gugenheim Museum Bilbao and Heydar Anyar Center are totally encapsulating the new modern creativity that the world is moving in.

Be sure to read more on how these buildings decorate different cities on our digital magazine.

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To tie in to our ‘Decorate’ theme of the month The Atout France press team brought out their April Newsletter, that takes a look at French architecture that aims to ‘shape and enrich the French landscape’. From classic buildings such as ‘Villa Cavrois’ to Zaha Hadid’s ‘Pierresvives’ the newsletter is definitely worth a look at if your interested in eye capturing buildings. Take a look here.


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