Flowing; Fashion Illustration

By Edena Klimenti

Fashion illustrations are a form of art which have been a defining element in the world of fashion for many decades. From creating striking, bold looks, to using the beautiful illustrations as a way of breaking boundaries and creating new ‘norms’ in the world of art and fashion. Fashion illustrations can range form very technical details of garments, to intricate, beautiful expressions of art; which capture the ever changing world of fashion. Fashion illustrations have also been a physical representation of the different societal changes we face, expressed and visually represented through these stunning pieces of art. FIGAF, The Fashion Illustration Gallery Art Fair is back on for its second year, 30th June – 2nd July 2017! This years event has collaborated with Yu Capital, founded by philanthropist and art collector, Wendy Yu. Showcasing the most innovative and established artists, with their fashion illustrations which continue to break boundaries today. This three-day event will bring together art lovers, collectors and upcoming and emerging talents in the world of art.

Last years event was a great success, so this year is coming back even stronger, amongst many others in attendance will be, Gill Button, Rosie McGuinness, Luke Edward Hall and Andrea Ferolla lining up with David Downton and Richard Haines. This three-day event will present the amazing opportunity to acquire best in class from an elaborate edit of hand crafted works on paper, directly from the artists. Available at the event will also be exclusively available new water colour works by Gill Button and a suite of prints by David Downton, inspired by his couture archive.

We are celebrating some of the stunning art work featured this year…

Amelie Hegardt

Amelie ameli2 amelie3

 Andrea Ferolla:


David Downton:






Frida Wannerberger:



Gill Button: 


The growing support for the event was due to the huge number of collectors interested in the fashion illustrations created, and spread through social media. The artists included has reached over 30, as last year it was almost below 20; showing its growing popularity and success. The event will be held at Chelsea’s The Shop at Blue Bird, and will also hold talks chaired by influencers and thought-leaders, with very important status in the fashion illustration movement.

These are some of our favourite illustrations featured in the event, to see more from these names, Nicasio Torres (Spain) David Downton (UK) Tanya Ling (UK) Andrea Ferolla (Italy) Gill Button (UK) Cecilia Carlstedt (Sweden) Stephane Manel (France) Emma Larsson (Sweden) Richard Haines (US) Luke Edward Hall (UK) Matthew Miller (UK) Martin Welch (UK) Susannah Garrod (UK) Frida Wannerberger (UK) Rosie McGuinness (UK) Petra Bonner (UK) Poppy Waddilove (UK) Connie Lim (UK) Amelie Hegardt (UK) Rob Phillips (UK) Welwyn Yossy (UK) head over to the event where you will be able to indulge in the world of fashion illustration, in a different light.

The event runs for three days from 30th June  – 2nd July!