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.SWING: Le Danse



Photographer Vincent Perez presents a beautiful visual of the Bolchoi’s Ballet, entitled  ‘Les ballets du Bolchoi’.

The Monte- Carlo based exhibition showcases a stunning insight into how Perez prepares his work with the deep care and magic which shows the symphonic harmony between the dancers.

The swaying of tutus, and fluidity in their movement is just some of the beautiful elements seen in these portraits, particularly the photos showing the dancers imbricate one with the other, creating an animated scenery.

Perez explains that he speared this exhibition towards three themes, one of which being the thought on masculinity and feminity. Famous figures of dancers are seen in the images as well as a look backstage, shooting the artist in their private moments.

Encapsulating the movement, revolution and variety within the dance, Perez manages to capture the dancers as they prepare to dazzle and take off for flight.

Les ballets du Bolchoï opens November 7th to December 7th 2014, at the Monte-Carlo Gallery
27 Bd des Moulins

+377 99 99 86 70

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