For all Intents and Purposes

By Jo Phillips

For all intents and purposes is a phrase meaning “essentially” or “in effect. So for all intents and purposes as creative, we are told to specialise to concentrate on what we want to really do. Meaning that if we paint pictures of houses then we should keep painting pictures of houses until our house pictures are beyond perfect (whatever that may be). But what if you took a right turn just as a temporary side turning in your own creative journey and went and painted some apples before returning to pain more houses. What would happen? Well, find out more in, For all Intents and Purposes Here.

A truly great way to extend your knowledge in whatever you may spend your day doing is repetition and by repeating you help build your own vision your own unique offer your creative DNA if you like. It’s the oldest tool in the book, we learn by repetition from childhood, so it makes sense that we carry on doing it as we move into adulthood.

But if we keep doing the same things sometimes e get stuck after all in doing the same thing all the time doesn’t always remind us we need to actually do the same things..differently; an oxymoron maybe but the point is to move past your ‘creative comfort zone’ to move forward in your ‘chosen’ sphere means trying it new ways

So we set up a competition for some photographers. For those of you already on the social media App Clubhouse ( audio-based social network) you may well be aware of lots of rooms discussing photography. One of those rooms is run by Photographer Michael Lee called Photography. Period, a room dedicated to all things photo inspired.

Michael along with .Cent set photographers the challenge of photographing something outside of their norm. 500 images in one sitting with one lens and one location, no internet so disturbance no props and only one light source. Why? to push each creatively outside their comfort zone to take images of something so far from their usual, in order to see what they may well earn about their own work and their own DNA.

The worthy winner was Diana Shava @diana_miano, image on the left and below, who ordinarily does street and fashion photography.

Diana took the idea of a simple drink of lemonade and elevated it; produced an image that gave a sense of drama and grandeur. Lite with a simple hand-held torch lamp in one set she explored every angle and created an image full of drama and contrast. Yet amongst this all there she still maintained her photography DNA from her fashion photography. 

Diana_Miano Instagram

Also, two other image-makers deserve a mention. Jordan Grobe a live music and events photographer who did his first-ever fashion shoot.

JordanGrobe –

Alongside Jordan was Pelumi Kolawole a portrait photographer who choose to explore natural wildlife in her still life images.

Instagram Photosbypelumi

Other finalists were left, Russell Klimas instagram@lightnlense right Niveditha Ravichandran (Nia) instagram@butfirstsalt

Instagram @butfirstsalt

And also

Left-hand side, Photographer & Videographer, Krishna Karthik side Julie Fowells, IG @jfowells

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