10 Best Browser Games To De-stress With In 2021

By Jo Phillips

Sometimes you need to relax your mind a little. One way to do so is by playing games online. Click here for games that you can play on the browser to destress.

Top 10 Browser Games to De-stress With In 2021

Sometimes, you need to take a break and relax your mind. One way to do this is by playing online games. Such games can be a good thing to help you take your mind off your daily routine or your workplace stress.

Playing browser games is easy, unlike most PC games. For starters, you do not require a dedicated gaming PC to play these games. Moreover, you do not need a powerful, high specs PC to play most online browser games.

This article looks at the best browser games to de-stress with. If you want to play and win some cash you can play these best RTP slots here.

The Best 10 Browser Games 2021: Free Fun without Needing to Pay

The Wiki Game.

We all know that Wikipedia to one of the best sources for knowledge. But did you know that you can also play games on Wikipedia? The Wiki Game by Wikipedia is an interesting game that starts from a particular Wikipedia page on a certain topic. The player is expected to race through numerous links to reach their destination page.


Doom is a classic game that has been around for over two decades. Doom is a first-person shooter game that can be played on your browser. To play this game, you must first enable flash player. Lovers of classic video games are likely to enjoy this game, as it is one of the best browser games to play when you are idle or want to relax.

Pocket Tanks.

This skill game is quite addictive. To kill the opponent tank, you need to apply a strategy by adjusting the power shot and the angle. Pocket Tanks is a multi-player game and is played on the browser, however, you need to enable the flash player. It is one of the best free browser games in 2021.

Street Skater.

If you love skating, then this game will keep you busy for the longest time ever. You can easily play this game using your PC’s keyboard. The game has minimalist graphics and is quite immersive, and you will notice how fast time will fly. This is a recommendable online browser game for anyone who is idle or seeking to de-stress.

10 Bullets

A fantastic shooting game that allows you to try your shooting skills. Your shooting reflexes need to be perfect as you only have 10 bullets to shoot on a series of airplanes that fly across the gaming screen. It is quite a simple game that you can play using your PC’s mouse.


If you love puzzles, then you will enjoy playing Threes! The game requires you to thinks as you match the numbers. This way, your mind is engaged and free from the stress that you might have. The most interesting part of this game is the struggle to get higher scores.

Dino Swords.

Dino Swords is a Google Chrome game that is a little different from the usual Chrome Dino where you only need to run, jump, and duck to get high scores. This other variation adds a new twist to the former by adding many weapons. This creative and fun game will help you calm your brain after a long day.

Tequila Zombies 3.

This is an action-packed game and one of the most engaging browser games that you can play to de-stress. In this game, you need to fight the zombies and drink tequila. Playing is easy, as you only need your mouse to hit the zombies and move the character with your keyboard.

Metal War Online.

This is one of the best multiplayer browser games that you can play online. The game requires you to run and fight opponents. The game is available in four genres that you can choose from. If you love action, then you are likely to enjoy that genre.

Cube Slam.

Cube Slam is a two-player game developed by Google. Players can play one-on-one or video chat on the browser without installing any plugins. To win the game, you must hit the cube against the opponent’s screen three times until the screen explodes.

If you are looking for a way to de-stress your brain, you can try playing browser games. These are often free to play. We have mentioned 10 best browser games to de-stress here including Cube Slam, Metal War Online, Tequila Zombies 3, Dino Swords, Threes, 1 Bullets, Street Skater, Pocket Tanks, Doom, and The Wiki Game. Each of these games has its own genre and depending on what you like, you will not miss one that meets your need.

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