10 Must Haves For The Stylish Modern Gentleman

By Jo Phillips

Think your wardrobe may need an overhaul? Find yourself scratching your head when deciding what to wear? Perhaps the time’s come to invest in some style. It’s never been so important for a man to look sharp and to have a sense of style.

Yet, sadly, if you want to dress like the best there’s no theory test where you can ‘learn the rules’ as you head out into the big bad world with your driving licence and academic qualifications in your back pocket. You are just faced with the prospect of fending for yourself. If you’re left scratching your head on how to be a stylish modern man, follow this advice…

1. Accessories

The principle focus here is on quality; well made watches, bracelets and sunglasses make a difference aesthetically and practically. They’ll last longer to offset the extra expense.

Be distinctive, too; a striped diary or personal organizer – or maybe one with a moleskin cover – looks more distinctive than a bog standard black diary bought from the local office equipment store.

2. Fragrance

Invest in a fragrance that suits you. Some experimenting may be required to find the right one but once you’ve found one, stick with it. Don’t overdo it too much, less is definitely more.

3. Shoes

Quality is key. Leather or suede are the ideal uppers. Don’t restrict wearing your dress shoes only with formal trousers; those brogues can look very stylish with casual chinos or even denim.

4. Less formal chinos

These are the non-pleated types, ideally fitting like jeans. They’re comfortable, flexible and go with most things so long as you pick the right colours.

Go for grey or slate blue to cover most combinations. Buy pairs of different shades – you’ll thank yourself soon enough for the options.

5. Lightweight cotton suit

You’ll soon regard this wardrobe addition as an old friend. These suits have the advantage of making you look more relaxed – they’re less formal than a traditional ‘weddings and work’ type – while retaining a sense of style.

6. Polo shirt

You might think a polo is fashion suicide and should be restricted to golfers and weekend tennis players, but a bold colour or patterned type is a very handy and stylish option.

They can be worn on their own for comfort and style on warmer days, inside a sweater or underneath a casual jacket.

7. Leather jacket

Go for the best and most supple leather possible and a closer fit – it’s worth the expense as your leather jacket is something you could wear with many different combinations for years to come.

8. Fitted t-shirt

Note the word ‘fitted’ – not the baggy one you wear to lounge around watching television in. No, these should be snug and ideally full cotton with perhaps a little ‘poly stretch’.

Wear them on their own, under a jumper or a casual jacket. One golden rule: don’t tuck it in.

9. Sweater

Obvious perhaps, but choose carefully – we’re not talking the baggy and shapeless confection you may pull from the back of the drawer when the leaves start falling.

Go for natural fibres such as a cotton-linen blend, cashmere or wool. Wear over a T shirt as part of a layered approach for comfort and flexibility.

10. Dress trousers

This is the more formal option, as opposed to the casual chinos above. Take time to choose a pair that fit properly, both in the waist and leg length. Ill-fitting trousers set a poor impression.

Invest wisely

As the above illustrates, the emphasis is on buying good quality and building adaptability into your wardrobe so your new gear gets plenty of use all year round.


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