100% Design: Living 2.0

By Pascal Ebner


In less than two weeks the long-awaited 100% Design exhibition is going to take place at Earls Court in London and .Cent is excited to cover some of the innovative ideas presented at the exhibition beforehand. To start off, we decided to take a look at the genius ideas for the Kitchen & Bathroom Hall.

International Manufacturer Dornbracht returns to 100% Design and presents his futuristic bathroom with smart and highly utile conceptions that will not only make life easier but also contribute with a certain kind of luxury.

Introducing the new ‘Smart Water’ – a visionary technology that allows to control water temperature and water volume with ease and redefines the convenience in the bathroom. With a timeless design and top-notch functionality ‘Smart Water’ requires no high-tech knowledge and is able to execute complicated choreographies – allowing you to change desired temperature and volume for all of your bathroom appliances with one simple command.

Smart Water by Dornbracht

The other innovation, which caught our attention immediately, was the “Sensory Sky” shower. If you ever had the desire to shower in the open air but you don’t want to leave your personal space, the ‘Sensory Sky’ offers you the possibility to create your very own shower experience anew.

Whether you want a light drizzle, a warm sprinkle or a relaxing rain-curtain – you choose! “Sensory Sky” uses the technology of afore-mentioned “Smart Water” and lets you choose temperature, water pressure and makes your shower experience unique with tropical scents and calm lighting – a true feeling of liberation. Is there a better way to start your day?

Sensory Sky by Dornbracht

British-creative studio Mette tickled our fancy with the so-called Farm Kitchen (in association with Gaggenau), which will be presented in the centre of the hall. Together with London-based design practice Architecture and Food (A&F), Mette display the integration of micro-agriculture within the daily experience of the kitchen. Experience the food journey from the cultivation of raw plants to the preparation in the kitchen and, of course, the consumption of the end result.

In the West, food waste, obesity and poor nutrition underpin our contemporary relationship with food, while in developing economies food shortages and malnutrition remain a continual threat. Our research has pinpointed the key drivers of today’s food paradigm and we believe that localised food production – particularly in urban environments – may address these issues in both developed and developing worlds alike.

Oscar Rodriguez, Architect and A&f founder

Farm Kitchen 1
Farm Kitchen

If you’re as excited as we are, make sure to get tickets for the 100% Design exhibition – starting on 18 September till 21 September 2013 at Earls Court London.

Opening times: Wed, Fri 10am-7pm (Trade) Thu 10am-9pm (Trade) Sat 10am-6pm (Public day)!
100% Design is open to the public on Saturday 21 September. Children under 16 will not be admitted on trade days. Seminars are free to attend.

For more updates and information, check out the official 100% Design website, Facebook and Twitter!

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