100% Design: Office Inventions

By Jo Phillips

100des Z-BAR by Ergo

100% Design is coming to London’s Earl’s Court in less than ten days and we at .Cent can’t wait to see all the creative designs and ideas that will be presented during the three days of this unique exhibition. Let’s make your rainy workweek a little bit brighter with us and take a look at products shown in 100% Design’s Office Hub!

hanging The Hanging Room

The Hub itself features the Hanging Room, opened up space allowing an endless array of options for the myriad needs of the 100% Design goers.

07_Trixagon_press_GTrixagon by Kinnarps

Amongst the designs definitely worth seeing are the cheerful and practical creations of Kinnarps. This year, the brand decided to focus on seating designed to foster effective collaboration. The result, “Trixagon” was born from the idea of taking a simple form of the hexagon and exploiting it to the max. Depending on the positioning of the products, completely different environments can be created and the interesting designs allow the furniture to be used in both private and public workspaces.

dess KI1 Opt4 by Taku Kumazawa

Anyone who has ever experienced moving and stacking piles of chairs after a work meeting knows how annoying and mundane it can be. With Taku Kumazawa‘s design, KI1 Opt4, things get a little bit easier. This Red Dot Design Award Winner is an easy-to-carry, easy-to-stack and easy-to-move chair with all the plastic parts and mesh made from 100% recycled material and weighing in at as little as 3,2kg making it the lightest high density stackable chair available on the market.

des2 Z-BAR lamp by Ergo

In the category of genius gadgets, there is a Z-BAR lamp from Ergo. Available in a range of bright colours and three sizes – Z-BAR, Z-BAR Slim and Z-BAR mini, the product offers its users maximum reach and flexibility. Z-BAR’s fully adjustable LED head can spin its socket, sweep from side to side and rotate at the end of the arm to cast light in any desired direction. Users of Z-BAR can regulate a light brightness by sliding their finger along the touch strip to dim gradually or touching anywhere on the strip to jump directly to any brightness. What is more is Z-BAR’s eco-consciousness with its motion detector switching lights off when no motion is detected for 15 minutes.

100% Design Exhibition takes place on 18th-21st September at Earl’s Court London.

Opening times: Wed and Fri 10am-7pm (Trade) Thu 10am-9pm (Trade) Sat 10am-6pm (Public day)! 100% Design is open to the public on Saturday 21 September. Children under 16 will not be admitted on trade days. Seminars are free to attend.

For more information visit the 100% Design’s website, Facebook and Twitter.

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