2 it’s Beginning to Smell like Christmas 2023

By Jo Phillips

It’s not just on the festive day that our sense of smell becomes alive with particular scents. All the way through the season we eat drink and make merry building into a crescendo on the 25th of December. Our sense of smell, so powerful, that the moment we get a whiff of Cinnamon, Tangerine and Star Anise we know it’s the Christmas holiday period. Here we celebrate perfumes and explore these notes so familiar with the food we eat during this festive season. From a grind of black Pepper via spicy warming Cardamom and Ginger 1, it’s beginning to smell like Christmas.

Images all Sangeetha Sadasivan.

Wallpaper, lef The Room by Mind The Gap. Inspired by the beautiful colours of Transylvanian village houses, rich earth, blue sky and rolling hills. It captures the varied colours of a rural visit to our homeland. Each hand-painted shape stacks colours from chalky blue and soft cream to pretty pink and various greens together to create a geometric pattern that brings eclecticism to your space.

PALLETE wallpaper by Mind The Gap is a lively reinterpretation of our TRAITE DES COULEURS design, presenting pages from Boogert’s 1692 study on hundreds of hand-painted colour swatches. The vibrancy of the new colour palette brings a more joyous graphic depiction to the wall, while still paying tribute to the ‘Traité des couleurs servant a la peinture a l’eau’ and its importance for the world of colour

Burgess Snail in dark Blue by Little Greene. This quirky, charming wallpaper adorns the walls of one of the bathrooms belonging to Gothic Revivalist architect and interior designer William Burges.

 The Room by Mind The Gap., PALLETE wallpaper by Mind The Gap,Burgess Snail in dark Blue by Little Greene

Edeniste Vétiver Imaginaire An invigorating woody spicy citrus. With natural nuances of citrus, flint, wood, smoke, and earth, vetiver is a compelling fragrance all by itself. A primal, rooting scent that is also a classic of masculine perfumery (of course, it can be enjoyed by all genders).

Side Story Pillow Talk Delicate orris blooms perfume the breeze from an open window, caressing bare skin and interlaced fingers. Yesterday’s perfume lingers on crisp white bedlinens, spicy and seductive, warmed by cinnamon-citrus sunshine. Powdery, with an enveloping musk. A little love nest to cosy into and stay a while.

Side Story Hotel Lobby Check in to the place where time stands still. A headlong fall into romance, at once ephemeral and enduring, beautifully captured in amber. Smoky Oud and dark fig leaf unearth the mysteries of time. A hint of spice teases an untold history. Elegant sandalwood and earthy vanilla, as smooth and warming as a fine Scotch. The fragrance of watery silk, woody cypriol and supple leather, the meeting of yin and yang.

D.S. & DURGA Bistro Waters Eau de Parfum A fresh and savoury scent, Bistro Waters emulates the scene and aroma of a packed out ‘90s-00s New York Bistro. Opening with an effervescent and peppery bouquet of top notes, the green fragrance unfolds to an earthy heart of mandarin, bell pepper and pea flower before finishing with the warm, woody aroma of nutmeg and moss water.

Diptyque Gold Basile Dinner Plate The Basile motif, designed in 1963 by Christiane Gautrot, appears in gold for the holidays, adding extra brilliance to this plate made of white porcelain from Limoges. A touch of elegance, casting a gleaming, lustrous enchantment over your festive table.

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