25 Minutes of Me

By Jo Phillips

In the grand scheme of most of our lives, 25 minutes for yourself does not sound like a long time, but if you were asked to take 25 minutes per day to yourself you may well say it’s near impossible. Many manage if they are lucky, to get 15 whole minutes to themselves for a bit of me-time per day, yet self-care really does work, it is not just something we can associate with other ‘perfect influencers’ because keeping calmer and happier works yet but we don’t seem to manage that me-time. Well, what about if we go about it with a slightly different mindset? Find out more in 25 Minutes of Me here.

A new national survey conducted by best-selling British skincare, body care and wellness brand, Sanctuary Spa has found that a staggering 94% of UK women have felt the benefits of taking time-out for themselves with two-thirds saying they feel calmer and more relaxed, less stressed and anxious when they do and 56% feeling generally happier. These figures are quite staggering but still leave one key problem, how on earth do we find the time each day for ourselves?

What seems totally unachievable is the idea of finding 25 minutes at any point in one day for ourselves, but what about if it were broken up into incremental pieces?

From 30 seconds of deep breathing to several minutes of indulging in a bath with a spa-grade Sanctuary product? A body scrub that takes ten minutes or a body butter spreading it all over for five minutes. Many of us think that only after everything else that needs to be done in the day is finished can we take time for ourselves. Yet breaking things down through a day can so much easier add up to the 25 minutes a day of self-care needed to make a healthier, happier version of ourselves. So much less pressure to take, say, five minutes five times daily for example.

Sanctuary Spa is on a mission to reframe the way we approach self-care, addressing this national self-care gap with a campaign to help women see it as both achievable and a pleasurable necessity – for themselves and for those around them.

The new campaign, This Counts, launching on September 6th, 2021 is a playful look at what self-care really is and what counts. Forget unachievable yoga poses or weekends at expensive health retreats, but several small moments of joy that anyone can experience throughout their day. Simple acts and moments of self-care that can include dancing around your kitchen? Watering the plants and having a chat with them? A moment spent sniffing a favourite perfume? Anything that stops you even for seconds if not minutes and ‘interrupts the daily tasks’ is great.

With a nod to ‘5 A Day, one of the best-known global health messages of the 21st century, Sanctuary Spa’s new proposition is a realistic recommendation of 25 A Day; 25 minutes of self-care across the day, that is!

Jacqueline Burchell, Global Marketing and Product Development Director for Sanctuary Spa, comments:

“We at Sanctuary wanted to make self-care more achievable. It is the simplest thing you can do to look after yourself and we wanted to show that you can fill that self-care gap without putting more pressure on yourself, with unattainable goals. We know that you can’t always bridge the gap straight away, but setting
a realistic goal of 25 minutes, spread out in small heavenly chunks of self-care throughout the day, will go some way. Self-care is about you and doing it your way! Go on – embrace your 25 a day! ”

An empowering goal for women (and men of course) is to bridge the gap with an achievable and transformative new daily habit that will help with feeling great. Because once it becomes a habit it tends to stick. Small self-care habits mean you can avoid being overwhelmed.

Of course, these don’t take away problems or make the world a different place, but something as simple as being surrounded by nature or listening to powerful music can take us from inexplicable sadness to feelings of awe and calm.

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