Rise Again: 3 Helpful Tips to Get You Past Your ED Diagnosis

By Jo Phillips

It can be incredibly difficult to deal with a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, but it is important to remember that you will get past this new change in your life. It doesn’t have to define you, and there are plenty of things you can do to lead a normal, happy life with your condition.

1. Consider Medication

You have the great fortune to live in an age of understanding and technology, which means there are plenty of options available for medication that can help you overcome your ED. The best thing you can do to seek out such medication is to make an appointment with your doctor.

Medications such as tadalafil may be exactly what you need to manage your new condition, but the best fit for you may take some time to find. Your doctor will help you to find the best medication for you, but they will need you to be honest and communicative to do that. So, be sure that you are always upfront and honest with your doctor.

2. Maintaining Healthy Intimacy

Whether you seek medical treatment for your condition or not, an ED diagnosis doesn’t have to be the end of intimacy in your relationship. In fact, it could be the complete opposite. There is far more to intimacy – and even sexual intimacy – than the simple act of making love.

As you move forward after your diagnosis, consider how you could be more intimate with your partner (or partners) in ways that don’t include direct sexual acts. You can create intimacy in all sorts of ways, and you might find that taking your time and focusing on creating the right atmosphere can help everyone involved achieve a far better experience.

From role-playing to sensual touch to deep kissing to simple and honest communication, intimacy is far more than sexual, and erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to have an impact on your ability to have healthy and deeply sensual relationships.

3. Focus on Your Health

You might be surprised how much of an impact your general well-being can have on your sexual health and how much you can improve your sexual health – even with erectile dysfunction – by working to become healthier.

To help you get started, here are a few elements of your health that you should work on in order to improve your sexual health:

Also, know there is also help with medication that can help you overcome your ED

Cut out alcohol and tobacco. If you didn’t already know, both of these substances can work to impair your sexual health and are even considered potential causes of erectile dysfunction. If you can reduce the amount you consume – or even stop using them entirely – you will see real improvements to your sexual health.

Regular exercise. You can probably guess one of the ways this can help your sexual health, but improving stamina isn’t the only thing that exercise can do for you sexually. In fact, a healthier heart is a great way to reduce your issues with ED and ensure that your sexual experiences are much more stimulating.

Of course, there are plenty more steps you could take to improve your sexual health, but these are great places to get the ball rolling.

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