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By Jo Phillips

The Practical Guide to Planning a Holiday in a Motorhome

For many holidaymakers booking a motorhome is like booking a ticket to complete and total freedom when planning their holiday. Whether travelling solo or with the family unit, a motorhome is an excellent way to enhance any holiday, it offers travellers a level of freedom and control over the direction of their holiday that is simply impossible when staying in a hotel or sleeping in a tent.

Many people worry initially about the confined and cramped conditions inside a motorhome, especially when sharing the space with younger children, however the experience of holidaying in a motorhome is such a wonderful, unique, and above all enjoyable experience that any tensions tend to dissipate quickly.

What follows is a guide to planning your next holiday with a motorhome so that you can take full advantage of the many unique opportunities that staying and travelling in a motorhome provides.

Planning Your Trip

One of the joys of holidaying in a motorhome is that you have complete freedom, the ability to travel where you want, when you want. However, while spontaneity is certainly an enticing part of the appeal, a little bit of planning is still a good idea. For one thing there’s the issue of electricity, you can run electrical appliances from the power provided from your motorhomes battery but just as with a car you don’t want to find yourself without any battery power left in your vehicle.

Fortunately there are numerous campsites and motorhome parks up and down the country which offer power outlets to recharge a motorhomes battery. Additionally, you can purchase a portable generator to provide you with power when you are away form such a power source.

Buying Versus Renting

Buying a motorhome is obviously quite an investment, and once it’s purchased it needs to be stored and maintained. For some people, as much as they would love a motorhome for their next holiday, the costs can seem prohibitive. Clearly a motorhome is going to cost more upfront than a hotel room or a tent but, especially for frequent travellers, it is an investment which quickly pays for itself.

If you are only planning to use a motorhome for one particular trip, or you are unsure about making that kind of financial commitment, then hiring a motorhome will allow you to test it out and make sure that it is for you.

If you are interested in hiring, you can get a hire quote at www.motorhomefreedom.com.

Travelling with Children

Travelling for long distances with children is always a precarious proposition, children understandably often become bored on long journeys and while some motorhome setups provide ample entertainment for younger travellers, running televisions, DVD players etc. incurs a cost in terms of electricity.

The best solution to this is to choose a motorhome which offers plenty of space and room for younger travellers. It is also important that you make sure the seatbelts in the motorhome are adequate to keep children safe and if necessary you should add in a booster seat.


Motorhomes allow owners an unprecedented degree of freedom when holidaying. By planning ahead for your motorhome holiday, you can enjoy the most stress free and luxurious holiday possible.

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