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By Jo Phillips

Getting a Payday Loan? Follow These Few Management Tips

Getting a payday loan can seem daunting, whether due to fear of rejection or worry you won’t be able to handle the payments. Here are a few tips to manage the process of getting a payday loan and handle it properly after you secure it.

Research Your Options

Before you seek a payday loan, determine if you really need the money. Taking out a payday loan to fix your car so you can get to work next week is a necessity, unless you could take the tube instead. Taking out a payday loan to pay for groceries is a necessity if you don’t have friends and family to provide food or other material needs.

Don’t seek a payday loan to pay for clothes, a fun time or money to give to someone else. If you do need a payday loan, do your research, since not all payday lenders charge the same interest rates or fees. For an example, you can look at these loans for bad credit from, as they are specifically targeted at people who are struggling to get a approved for a normal loan.

Work with the Lender If You’re Having Trouble

If you’re having trouble paying a payday loan, the biggest mistake you can make is taking out another loan with someone else. You run the risk of both lenders taking money out of your account at the same time, causing many of your bills to bounce, or ending up deeper in debt. If you’re having trouble paying the payday lender, contact the lender to alter the loan terms or roll over the loan into a new debt you can repay. Now you avoid missed payments that limit your ability to get a new loan or excessive fees. Loans for bad credit have high fees as is, but it is worse if you’re late making a payment.

Plan on Ways to Repay Before You Borrow

Before you borrow money, consider your ability to repay it. If your next pay check may be reduced, you may want to sell items you own instead so that you don’t have to worry about being unable to pay back the payday loan. Or you may want to volunteer for overtime to ensure you can repay the payday loan instead of having to roll it over. If you’re using the payday loan to tide you over until you receive a financial settlement, talk to a solicitor about getting an advance on that settlement instead of going into debt.

If you’re tight on cash because others aren’t paying you back, then try to do your best to seek repayment of personal loans before going deeper into debt. Or research options to tap into home equity to repay the payday loan and other debt while consolidating it into a single, low interest loan.

If you follow the tips in this article, your experience with payday loans should be beneficial. Research your options before you apply, plan on the amount you really need and work with the lender if you’re having trouble before late fees and penalties pile up.


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