By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

I am a fragrance addict and have worked in the luxury perfume industry for almost 20 years. I recently crossed paths with perfection – the new fragrance ‘ Cologne Indelebile’ from Frederic Malle’s ‘Editions de Parfums’ collection. This ticks all the boxes, it is unique and clever, elegant and exciting – a masterpiece in fact. If you are looking for essential fragrances to assemble a ”fragrance wardrobe, look no further  – here are five of the very finest examples of olfactory excellence. – Michael Donovan

Editions de Parfumes is the finest collection of fragrances by the most talented noses in the world. It is also the brand that changed the fragrance industry forever when Frederic placed the names of the Master Perfumers on the bottle and focussed the spotlight on the talent for the first time. The Fragrance Industry has always focussed on the brand however this action changed the public’s perception of fragrance, and drew attention to the artistry and dedication – some of Frederic’s fragrances take over  3 years to perfect!

Five essentials from Fredric Malle:

1. The Ultimate Travel Fragrance – Cologne Bigarade

This scent, by the fragrance deity Jean Claude Ellena can make you feel fresh, and clean and energised after a 12 hr flight. It will physically affect the brain to make the wearer feel happy with the zesty, crisp and long lasting bigarade (bitter orange).

2. The Ultimate Evening Fragrance – Carnal Flower

Frederic was the first to re-itroduce the tuberose to the modern woman, using a new absolute to totally re-invent a classic beauty and make it relevant once again. This is exquisite and glamorous, inspired by the Actress Candice Bergen who, according to Mr Malle, shows “how to be sexy without being vulgar”. Creamy, white flowers with a hint of animalic notes – the scent of the elegant temptress.

3. For the Boardroom – Vetiver Extraordinaire 

A hint is power can be very attractive in a scent and this fragrance, which uses the highest concentration of pure vetiver in the industry, brooks no argument. Stripped of its bitter edge this scent exudes confidence and innate elegance. Extraordinaire indeed !

4. The Ultimate fragrance for The Day – Eau de Magnolia 

In the summer, light, fresh and bright win the day and it is also  best to choose your day fragrance i.e. the scene that you wear to work, wisely. You want to say, intelligent, witty and stylish – nothing says all 3 like Eau de Magnolia. This is a literal and naturalistic interpretation of one of Spring’s first flowers. The magnolia actually smells of lemons and nose Carlos Benaim has created a scent of  remarkable transparency so it suits the office for example, however this is a fresh chypre so in addition to the zesty top notes there’s a  smooth base of vetiver and patchouli for a hint of mystery – always a good thing! A timeless summer scent.

5. The Ultimate Fragrance for a date or a romantic getaway –  Cologne Indelebile – NEW NEW NEW!!!

If a fragrance can make you feel deeply desirable and slightly wanton it is this – a masterpiece over 3 years in the making. The ultimate olfactory engineer Dominque Ropion has taken bergamot and made it to dance across the most exquisite three musks. This is fresh, orangey and exhilarating changing to  sophisticated sensual and back again. It also has incredible staying power – as the name would suggest. It is wonderful to wake up smelling just as delicious – for all concerned!

Micheal Donovan is a fragrance devotee and olfactory expert working  in the luxury perfume industry.

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