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By Jo Phillips

The Benefits of Seeking Literature Review Writing Services in the UK

If you have been to a higher institution of learning, you will understand that the literature review is one of the most challenging parts of academic writing. Literature review calls for a critical comparison and summary of other contributions which are relevant to your subject area. It ranges between 3,000 and 10,000 words in length, and it calls for research, evaluation, and analysis of academic sources, to draw conclusions and identify any gaps in knowledge.

It is a requirement in most degree courses for Students to write a literature review, which can take several days to complete making it quite a painstaking task. With this in mind, institutions offering literature review writing service UK have come forth to help students handle the task so that they can focus on their studies.

Literature review writing services will help you handle the following:

Traditional or Narrative review

This literature review provides a broad overview of a research topic by examining the entire subject or published work than writing a critical summary of the contextual or theoretical viewpoint. It does not follow a clear methodological approach, rather it seeks to make it clear for the reader what the research indicates concerning that particular topic.

Systematic literature review

The systematic literature review selects or identifies, critically analyses and appraises several literature sources using a systematic and explicit method. It follows a clearly defined protocol to provide a complete summary of the literature in question which is relevant to the research topic.


This literature review method uses a quantitative technique and statistical methods to summarize the results of a research topic. They combine data from several research sources to make statistical conclusions.


This method combines results from several related qualitative studies or narrative literature reviews. This method is more interpretive rather than aggregate.

Difficulties in Writing Literature Review

A literature review is time-consuming, and whether it is a stand-alone assignment or part of your dissertation, it is not particularly an easy task. It involves the review of literature which is relevant to your subject area, identifying knowledge gap, and providing a critical review in your subject area. This calls for some skills which you may not possess. The literature review services are offered to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in their coursework assignments as well as for their master and Ph.D. proposals.

For you to write a literature review successfully, you need first to decide the areas that you will focus your research on, to narrow down the literature that you will look into. Next is to choose your sources, to ensure that the literature you are researching is relevant to your topic. What’s important is to ensure that your literature review has a good structure, with ideas flowing naturally from point to point.


Although the literature review is part of an undergraduate or postgraduate study, it is quite challenging for most students. Also, it is time-consuming, and most students don’t have the time to handle it. This is why literature review writing services come in handy, and most students are finding them quite helpful.

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