70s: Expo Milano

By Jo Phillips

Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy, will host from May 1 to October 31 2015 

There are 140 participating countries, the main themes are the production of food that is healthy, safe and sufficient, the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the food chain and the preservation of taste and food culture.
The tour begins at Pavilion Zero which concerns the different stages of evolution and Man’s relationship with nature from the origins, when there was the supremacy of nature, until the historical transition when man started breeding, farming, hunting, fishing and planting the seed of our whole civilization. 
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It focuses on the topic of food waste; Every year we waste 1,3 billion tons of food, more than what’s necessary to feed the almost 800 million people worldwide that suffer from chronic hunger. At the same time, 42 million children under 5 years are overweight and more than 500 milion adults suffer from obesity.
Another interesting thematic area is the Future Food District, an interactive supermarket which has an autonomous and sustainable food chain, thanks to the use of technologies and interaction between costumers and products.
Then you can walk through the Biodiversity Park; 8,500 square meters dedicated to several natural products and organic farming methods.
If you want to return children for half an hour you must vist Children Park-  The idea is for children to feel immersed in a natural but also fantasy world learning topic of sustainability, through  activities which are stimulating and fun. 
It deserves to be mentioned the UK Pavilion which is designed by  Wolfgang Buttress in collaboration with Tristan Simmonds and architectural practice BDP. The visitor follows the dance of a bee travelling through a series of landscapes, through an orchard, followed by a wildflower meadow and on to a giant aluminium beehive. Within the hive, the visitors experience is further compounded by audio and visual effects, responding to movements within a real UK beehive in Nottingham.
To learn more about it, go visit and enjoy.
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