70’s: Poetry Movement

By Jo Phillips

As poetry falls away from public eye, The Poetry Movement helps to revive that long lost spark, by presenting to the world an event to remember. For one night only, on the 4th June 2015 The Josephine Hart Poetry Foundation, presents an original event with a combination of classical poetry, with contemporary 21st century aesthetics. An animation film will be shown at the day of the event, that both combines classic poems; from TS Eliot, Sylvia Plath and Philip Larkin with Robert Montgomery’s, Harriet Walter’s and Harold Pinter’s voice narrating it over the video to put a more contemporary spin on it.


The creative director John Paul Pryor says, “the idea was to take this classic poetry and set it very much in a 21st-century context”. It’s a traditional idea that takes on a new modern twist, so it would engage younger generations to admire poetry. This event tries to save poetry’s ailing image and push it towards the limelight for people to truly appreciate it as an art.

Eleanor Carter, director of the poetry app praises this event, by adding “Josephine Hart believed in the power and effectiveness of hearing poetry read aloud… classical poetry is still more than capable of pushing creative boundaries”. The soothing technique of spoken poetry being added to classical poetry breaks many conventions. It’s almost saying poetry and literature aren’t dead and are still as successful as they were in the past.  It’s changing the image of poetry, making it enjoyable for everyone and is a perfect chance to do something new this summer.

The event will be help at BFI Street,

June 4th at 7pm, with the first screening beginning at 7.30pm

The event is open to anyone, but tickets must be booked prior by emailing rsvp@jennaleepr.com




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