8 It’s Beginning to smell Like Christmas

By Jo Phillips

It’s not just on the festive day that our sense of smell becomes alive with particular scents. All the way through the season we eat drink and make merry building into a crescendo on the 25th of December. Our sense of smell, so powerful, that the moment we get a whiff of Cinnamon, Tangerine and Star Anise we know it’s the Christmas holiday period. Here we celebrate perfumes and explore these notes so familiar with the food we eat during this festive season. From a grind of black Pepper via spicy warming Cardamom and Ginger 8, it’s beginning to smell like Christmas.

Images all Sangeetha Sadasivan.

ALTHAÏR by Parfums De Marly Paris explores a majestic, subtle and surprisingly fresh vanilla that is elegant, generous and charismatic.” Julien Sprecher, Founder and Artistic Director of Parfums de Marly. An unexpected, modern ode to a universal ingredient of perfumery: Bourbon vanilla, a direct descendant of the vanilla introduced in France under the reign of Louis XV

Creed’s Millesime 1849 is a Harrods exclusive an EDP that expertly blends energetic Calabrian bergamot with floral notes of jasmine and rose, adding a woody, aromatic base of cedar and incense for greater depth and endurance. This full-bodied fragrance stands in a tall matte bottle modelled after the iconic Creed hip flask. It opens with Cedar, Incense, Thyme, and green Laurel with Citrus, in its heart find Ylang ylang, Iris, Jasmine, Rose and finishes with a flourish of Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel EDP The essence of a bold and free woman. A feminine ambery fragrance with a strong personality and a surprising freshness. an ambery fragrance, a spirited and voluptuous scent. Sparks of fresh and vibrant orange immediately awaken the senses. A clear and sensual heart reveals the transparent accords of jasmine and rose. Finally, the trail unfurls with vibrant accents of Patchouli and Vetiver.

PALLETE wallpaper by Mind The Gap is a lively reinterpretation of our TRAITE DES COULEURS design, presenting pages from Boogert’s 1692 study on hundreds of hand-painted colour swatches. The vibrancy of the new colour palette brings a more joyous graphic depiction to the wall, while still paying tribute to the ‘Traité des couleurs servant a la peinture a l’eau’ and its importance for the world of colour.

Parfums De MarlyHerod EDP is personified by its blend of diverse notes, exuding a smoky vanilla scent. This eau de parfum opens on spicy top notes of cinnamon and pepper to then show its powerful heart of tobacco leaf, incense, ciste and osmanthus. These peppery notes are further surrounded by vanilla pods, musk, patchouli and woody accord at the base. An elegant and discernible perfume, for both men and women, it is the epitome of old-world sophistication.


Hero by Argentum from their fragrance collection, les parfums infinis. is a smoky woody fragrance, a modern take on patchouli with earthy, spiced notes of cardamom, clove and incense embers. A surprising freshness lies beneath the fire element of this fragrance, as the smokiness is tempered by subtle notes of orange and green basil, while vetiver and oakmoss lend depth. Symbolised by the number IX and its capacity for courage, discipline, and self-sacrifice, HERO is a unisex fragrance for those who seek to step into their own power, having nurtured humility along the way. Licks of fiery Cardamom and Cumin seed oil are tempered by refreshing waves of Basil and Orange, descending into cool, earthy, comforting layers of Vetiver root and Patchouli.

Serge Lutens Five O’clock Au Gingermbre Five o’clock au gingembre a spicy, remarkable and stylish perfume from Serge Lutens’ Collection noire. Candied Ginger is reserved for English tea time, to be savoured in black Wedgwood china. For connoisseurs only… very elegant!”. It caters to the quicksilver in us, to our imagination dressed in white gloves.”Serge Lutens perfume line was created by Serge Lutens in his own image. Minimalist, straight-lined, angular and uncompromising, each of these bottles with their refined style reflects the exacting nature and character of their creator. A sobriety which enhances the richness and sumptuousness of the perfumes, whose scents and colours are as numerous and as nuanced as precious stones and our personalities.

Lilanur Agar Épice One cannot tell the story of India without Oud, the mythic ingredient extracted from Aquilaria trees native to the northeastern region of the country. Prized by Mughal royalty and worn in exquisite attars for centuries, Oud emanates an aura of luxury. Here, the earthy note takes on a brighter, lighter character, sparked with Ginger, Cypriol and Guaiac wood essences, then bedded in velvety Sandalwood. This is a spicy, complex interpretation of oud unlike any other.

Kate MccGwire’s extraordinary creative vision finds new life and meaning in unique luxury scarves, collectible pieces, and exclusive limited editions in collaboration with Co0-Lab 369. Co-Lab 369 scarves are made in Italy by artisanal craftsmen using only the finest natural, sustainable fabrics and non-toxic dyestuffs. Produced in a limited series in an easy-to-wear palette to enhance and renew your wardrobe effortlessly, this timeless accessory stands out as an essential for the brand.  Versatile and functional, your scarf can be taken everywhere. Adopted as an everyday seasonless statement piece, it enhances your own unique style and character.

Believe Plate by Jayne Redmond, Chritsmas believe Plate is part of the seasonal offering from the brand. Each piece is designed by Jayne and then painted by Jayne and her team of artists, ensuring that each item is absolutely unique. The company is proudly British and also run by women

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