Musical Morning

By Jo Phillips

Everyone has gone to sleep telling themselves how productive they will be when they wake up. They have big plans to start their day right, which will be the first step in transforming their life for the better. But, these same people often find the allure of the bed too difficult to part from, and any plans of changing your routine sink away. Morning routines are vital for getting off on the right foot, though, which is why some inspiration is always helpful. 

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Start the Night Before 

There’s nothing worse than waking up unprepared for tomorrow. It immediately puts you in a bad mood and stresses you out, which doesn’t bode well for the rest of your day. If you get started the night before, you can make your morning routine much easier to establish. Take a shower, get any documents or notes ready for meetings and presentations, prepare your lunch, and lay your clothes out. With all of these organised, you can focus on getting into the day the way you want to, rather than rushing around first thing. 

Get Yourself Pumped Up

If you’re someone who struggles with getting started in the morning, one way to help energise you is to listen to your favourite music. While you shouldn’t use these tunes as your alarm, you can create a morning playlist and use liGo’s range of Bluetooth speakers to blast it throughout the home. Energetic rhythms will help wake you up, and you can use songs as queues for when you need to eat breakfast or get out of the house. Just make sure you don’t put it on shuffle, otherwise, your whole morning is thrown off. 

Ditch The Snooze Button 

Everyone is guilty of hitting the snooze button once too many times, especially now that many people are working from home. The problem with the snooze button is that you never get back that sleep you’ve been torn from, which means even if you snooze for an extra hour, you won’t feel as rested as you want. With this in mind, ditching the snooze button and getting up as soon as your alarm rings will help you start your day properly, even if it’s still dark outside. If you need help getting out of bed, put your phone or alarm clock on the other side of the room so you’re forced to get up to switch it off. 

If You Get Up, You’re Up 

Speaking of getting up, how many people climb out of bed to use the bathroom only to get back into bed? Chances are it’s a lot. But this means you rely too much on your cosy bed, making it difficult to start your day. If you need to get up (at a reasonable time, of course), you must stay up. Once you’re up, do something productive, such as read or exercise, rather than play on your smartphone. Once you’re ready, you can get a start on your morning routine. 

The Right Side of Bed 

No one perfects their morning routine overnight. Like anything in life, it takes time, dedication, and consistency. Once you establish your routine, it will be impossible to deviate from it, and this will help you start the day the way you want to every time you get out of bed. 

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