A Book of Notes

By Jo Phillips

Every moment in life has its part to play in a never-ending story made up of layers of emotions and experiences. It is the rich tapestry of these that gives us life experiences, heartache, joy alongside laughter, pain, sorrow, and love. These elements make up each of our own individual novels and what better way to explore that than via scent. Find out more and expand your perfume knowledge here in A Book of Notes.

Perfume we know is made up of notes that build layers of deliciousness. We also know that these ephemeral layers of ingredients directly connect in our brains right next to the area that deals with memory and this is why fragrance is ultimately so powerful. It is the joining of these to parts of the brain that makes scent a ‘journey in our lives’.

New fragrance house Yú Parfums is here to bring stories for us to explore on a bi-monthly membership programme. The package is there to delve into a different story with each package.

Very simply join on either a bi-monthly, six-monthly, or yearly option and wait for your perfume stories to arrive. Each theme will explore one angle. Working with amazing noses enables the company to explore the very best ingredients.

The first package made up of three chapters of scents searching notes from woods. Each of the stories delves into one hero wood and this first package includes Cedarwood Sandalwood and Patchouli.

Starting with Cedarwood which has a woody scent with an undertone of citrus. Known by so many as the smell of wooden pencils from childhood it actually is malleable as a note as it has many facets that can be explored, from resinous to fresh mountain air. Here it is the Virginia wood that is explored which has a slightly drier quality than its Atlas mountain cousin.

This majestic wood is our hero and meets with skin-like notes and a suede layer that highlights the dry angle of this wood but dips into a fusion of spice via Black pepper and Cardamom with added Oak and creamy soft vanilla, but keep your nose tuned for a hit of delicious geranium. It becomes like a gentle contradiction of wood with creamy gentleness, cool with soft spicy warmth.

Chapter two is all about the heroine, that is sandalwood. A massive queen of an ingredient in perfumery yet not an obvious woody smell. It is often described as exotic, sweet, creamy, smooth, and warm. In here it’s the treatment of Australian Sandalwood with a middle of green and smokey facets so find Black Pepper, Geranium, Moss, and Pine alongside beautiful refreshing Bergamot tea. The total effect is creamy woods with green and bright contrast a freshness to a woody scent.

And the last of the chapters? The queen of the 1970s, Patchouli. This marmite note is an absolute cornerstone of the fragrance world and even though it is loved by some hated by others it is in SO many fragrances and acts as a fixative that will explode a scent. Here it is set as the heroine exposed for its very essence.

The scent is strong, sweet, and musky-earth-like and can go all the way from soft minty to dark and wet. Used predominantly for bases of perfume yet here it comes into its own, meeting with Mandarin and Ginger for an opening fizz, with soft powdery Orris Fusion and Mimosa with the floral delight of Jasmine with Pink Pepper, finishing with a warming Kashmir Fusion and Amber. Deep woody powerful and almost rudely sexy, as delicious as it is deep.

Each package comes in a box, shaped like a book and contains three trail perfumes as well as an atomiser. Available for a short time after the edition release, is a full bottle so that find one you love a full 100ml is an option to purchase, however, these are rather limited because only small batches produced, to avoid any wastage.

A great way not just to experience small runs of divine scents, to experiment with breaking away from your usual buys but to really get to grips with different notes and get to grips with subtle facets or ingredients you may know only a little of. Unisex fragrances made by truly skilled noses working with such wonderful briefs so expect future sets to look at perfumes from colour to even texture. rather than just notes.

A unique approach, ideal to grow your own personal fragrance library. Find out more at YuPerfumes.com Here

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