A bottled Romance

By Aurégane Denis

Who doesn’t adore a good romance? One in which enemies become lovers? Filled with scandal and passion, as unpredictable and as powerful as nature? The Yin-Yang of love can be see not just between two people, but in art and design. Yet, it also can be experience in scent.  The darkness and sweetness of rare naturals beauties become one in the OUD satin mood collection from MFK. Playing with the invading darkness of Oud and making it dance with the soft and flowing  satin is a risky game Francis Kurdijan chose to play at. We have here two opposite characters embracing each other in this luxurious embrace . Close your eyes and let the scent immerse you into an intimate dance between the two opponents that in the end become one. Read more in a Bottled Romance.

Trees are the lungs of our world, the refugee of a diverse variety of plants, such as mushrooms as well as home to many animals. They are more than essential to earth’s health. Somewhere, in these woods is hiding a special scented treasure, something perfumers are eager to find. To find it is not an easy journey, It is so rare that only two per cent of the trees produces it. Actually this two percent are trees that are sick. Take a deeper look into the tree’s dying heart which creates a very special resin. From the sickness of a tree heart is born a mystical Oud. Think of these trees as perfumers ‘phoenixes’, as rare as finding a four-leaved clover. 

Oud also has a very important place in the Muslim culture, this strong smokey earthy scent was rumoured to be a way to ascend closer to God. Also, in the Middle East particularly, this powerful ingredient is favoured because strong perfumes lat better in the intense heat. Indeed, in perfumery, Oud plays a role of a ‘bold character’. 

Now think of something opposite. Light and soft, caressing the skin right where it needs to. So glossy that it highlights everything it covers. Satin has always been considered a luxury, it was created in China around the fourth Millenium BC and it then arrived in Europe in the 12th century. They saw the potential in this beautiful fabric and used it to make breath-taking clothes that were so very expensive that they were only worn by the upper classes. This royal fabric truly was clothing’s industry real shiny treasure. 

As the proverb says, opposites attract. Now, can you imagine this pure softness meeting and a dying tree heart’s resin. Like a real modern version of Romeo and Juliette but in a scent. Yet, in this story, the impossible match has a happy ending. The two different protagonists add up masterfully in the hands of this great perfumer.

Their collaboration take place in nothing else than in a bottle of perfume to create a truly special essence.   In this romantic play of a scent, the satin role is interpreted with the sweet and complex flower that is Violet, and its partner is the Oud originating from Laos. But If we go deeper into the scent, we discover the sweeter tones that also make this perfume exquisite and bring everything together as a whole. We have some Rose Damascena, a bit of Vanilla accord and Oud’s close cousin : Benjoin from Siam.

Together they create this strong warm feeling that is all consuming and wraps itself around you. You can pick up the floral notes gently caressing your nose while the Oud adds the intensity to this essence. In this perfume, you get the best of both worlds, no need to choose between subtlety and seduction. Be bold, embrace both. 

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