A Distinct Tale- Jurlique

By Baishali Banerjee

From seed to skin, everything they do contributes to the strength and vitality of their neighborhood and the thriving Adelaide Hills environment. Together, they dreamed of creating the purest skin care on Earth by harnessing the power of nature. They looked all over the world for the ideal location where they could realize their goal in a clean environment with an ideal warm climate. They landed in the Adelaide Hills in October 1983, and on August 8th, 1985, Jurlique was founded by a visionary husband and wife team: Dr. Jurgen Klein, a biochemist and naturopath, and Ulrike Klein, a botanist, and horticulturalist. Their first names were phonetically combined to create the company’s name. For all these years, Jurlique has grown roses in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. The Jurlique Rose was chosen as the main component of their Rare Rose Ritual as it contributes to the day’s superior hydration. To find out more, read A Distinct Tale- Jurlique.

The Hills have always been the setting for Jurlique’s past. They have been growing their botanicals in the Adelaide Hills for 35 years. Like nowhere else, it is one of the purest locations on earth. In a little town called Nairne, they established the first herb garden, and as Jurlique grew, they required more space. They relocated to 12.5 acres in Ngeringa in 1996, where Ulrike’s Cultural Centre is presently located. They quickly outgrew it and needed more space, so in 2005, they relocated to the Mylor Farm, where they have 105 acres to produce, harvest, and extract the botanicals they utilize today.

The Jurlique family gathers their best plants’ seeds each year, which are then planted and cultivated in their Seedling Greenhouse. Prior to being transplanted into the herb beds, the young plants are cultivated in the greenhouse until they are suitable for harvest.

”Our Farm Team and plant specialist work closely with the Product Development team and share our purpose of connecting our customers to Nature. From investigating new plants, to trialing new extraction methods, this collaborative approach allows us to create high-performance, natural skin care that delivers visible results and benefits. For those ingredients we don’t grow, we source the finest ingredient from around the world.”


This family has chosen biodynamic farming, which is based on the ideas of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who proposed a sustainable agricultural system in 1924. The meaning of ”biodynamic” was derived from two Greek words: bios meaning life and dynamis meaning force. In biodynamic farming, the foundation is healthy soil, and preparations are made at specific times to correspond with the rhythms of the Earth, Sun, Moon, planets, and stars.

The Life Force or energy of the botanicals grown and employed in their products is better captured in this way. The natural cycle is respected in biodynamic farming. The health of the soil is crucial, and farming operations are scheduled in accordance with the lunar cycle.

This is said to maximize the essential Life Force energy in the soil and the plant. Some of the key focuses are; observing the cycles of the cosmos (sun, moon, and other planets that affect planting, growing, and harvesting), hand planting and harvesting all crops, companion planting, and crop rotations to ensure a balanced ecosystem, and no synthetic pesticides or herbicides or fertilizers to be used.

They create harmony by adhering to the biodynamic calendar, which leads to a richness of botanicals that have been cultivated to produce the best plant extracts for their goods. Planning when to grow and sow, trim, or harvest their priceless flowers, herbs, and plants is made easier with the help of the lunar cycle.

The use of “preparations” to stimulate plants and build healthy soil is one of the core techniques in biodynamic farming. On the farm, various biodynamic preparations made from extracts of minerals, plants, or manure are created and manufactured. They are used sparingly on the plants, soil, or compost.

Since they are unable to utilize synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, they grow plants next to one another that are mutually beneficial. This is known as companion planting. Growing specific plants together promotes healthy soil and optimal plant growth. The various plants assist by naturally luring insects, resolving nutrient imbalances, and promoting growth.

The dried botanicals are extracted to preserve their potency after being harvested and dried in the drying sheds. Utilizing the pure extracts of their constituents, the Bio-Intrinsic technique produces extracts that are potent. To harness the potency and purity of their ingredients and produce the powerful botanical mixes that serve as the foundation of their skincare, this alchemical process entails three steps.

Step One –Purification; The first step is steam distillation, which delicately lifts and releases the nutrients, liquids, and essential oils from their dried botanicals. In order to get ready for the method’s second stage, these components are carefully isolated and purified.

Step Two –Intensification; It then becomes more intense. In order to extract additional essential nutrients, they percolate the cleaned botanicals and the distilled liquid. This process frequently requires many days.

Step Three –Ashing; They produce natural minerals and salts in a highly concentrated extract by burning the amplified botanicals to priceless ash. When the elements are reunited, a new concentrate with increased properties is formed. This potent extract forms the basis of each Jurlique product.

This Bio-Intrinsic blend of Rosa Gallica, Lavender, Calendula and Marshmallow root extract has been tested to; improve radiance and luminosity for glowing, healthy-looking skin, protect the skin from environmental aggressors, soothe and calm for a more even skin tone, and improved hydration.

Calendula is a plant that is raised on the Jurlique Farm and is famous for its vibrant yellow and orange blossoms. It has been used to restore sensitivity and has strong calming powers. Growing Lavender is done for its relaxing, cleansing, and moisturizing properties. Their top-selling Lavender body and hand products and Lavender Hydrating Mist work to soften skin while calming the spirit and relaxing the mind. Marshmallow Root has intensely moisturizing effects because of its thick, syrup-like viscosity. The main component of their Hero product, Activating Water Essence+, is this.

But above all, for Jurlique, the Rose reigns supreme among all botanicals. On their farm, Jurlique has about 2,000 bushes of their own Jurlique Rose and 1,800 bushes of Rose gallica. Jurlique has created cutting-edge technological techniques throughout the years to accentuate and capture the special qualities of our Rare Rose.

A rose exclusively developed for Jurlique is known as the Jurlique Rose by rose breeder George Thomson, in 2013. It has excellent moisturizing qualities and a strong scent. It is utilized in their new Moisture Plus Rare Rose Range and the Rare Rose Serum. With the help of the environmentally friendly and pure Supercritical CO2 extraction technique, they have improved their premium Farm-Grown Jurlique Rose.

The Rare Rose Face Oil helps to increase skin suppleness to expose plump, radiant skin by releasing the power of their Rare Rose. Its delicate aroma also lowers cortisol levels, lessening the harmful effects of stress on the body and the psyche. Olive, Jojoba, Soybean, Carrot & Castor oils, antioxidant Vitamin E, and Squalane are also added to help moisturize, balance, and reveal a more radiant skin.

”The Jurlique Rose took quite a bit of work to get to how it is today. A large, soft pink flower, with hardly any thorns – making it easier for the farm workers to handle – and the most perfumed rose I’ve ever bred.”

-George Thompson (Jurlique’s Rose expert)

The Hydrating Mask is another fantastic invention that is the best way to maintain constant hydration and healthy-looking skin. The revolutionary delivery technique developed by Jurlique enhances the advantages of the rose-powered Hydrating Mask. A natural cellulose microcapsule delivery system contains an extract of rose oil deep within its core (MicrospongeTM). The Jurlique Rose extract is gradually released from these microcapsules as they come into contact with the skin, enhancing and maintaining the skin’s hydration and brightness for up to 24 hours.

The farm is still a component of the business today, and Jurlique claims to be Australia’s second-best prestige skincare brand. Over 58 Jurlique concept stores, including 18 in Australia, are among the more than 5,000 locations where the brand is distributed.

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To know more about the Jurlique Rare Rose Editions, please visit https://jurlique.co.uk/

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