A Flower That Grows

By Stacey Potts

A flower that grows in the ground from the expanses of your garden to as far as a desert, no matter the environment, has the power to draw us to its beauty, radiate and attract us with its scent. From a musky smell to a sweet and endearing light fragrance, these miracles of nature, glow in both visual magnificence to scented dynamism. They glow and shine on every level whether they are grown in rich soil or the barest of sands.

It’s not hard to believe the rose has resonated a lot within the perfume world. Grown in rich fertile soil this most important of flowers is across many fragrances. Roses are found in at least 75% of modern feminine fragrances and approximately 10% in masculine perfumes. This flower offers a range of smells that one would often describe as elegant. But a little interesting fact there are actually only two types of roses used across all perfume; the Rose de Mai,  (Rosa Centifolia) and the (Damask )Turkish rose.

One rose perfume collection worth mentioning, inspired by Marie Antoinette holding a pink rose, is Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s collection À la rose. Scented from a rose garden, the aim of the collection is to let us take a step back from the busy day around us and allow us to focus on ourselves and just relax letting the scent engage our every sense.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian's rose collection perfume bottle with gold leaves

The latest perfume added to the rose collection is À la rose eau de parfum. Containing notes of Damascena rose from Bulgaria, bergamot from Calabria and orange from California, an accord of violet and magnolia blossom, a woody cedar and musk accord, Centifolia rose from Grasse. It’s a fragrance that represents all the best gifts from nature’s scents.

The À la rose eau de toilette also 70ml, is equally prominent with the rose scent but also with an added accord of lychee and an accord of peony that offers a hint of added sweetness against the fresh rose. It beauty inside echoes that of its presentation with a gold lid which often the colour associates with illumination, passion and compassion.

But what about the flora and fauna of a desert floor?

A widespread sandy landscape, the glaring sun throughout the day, makes the desert seem like a dry place. But it can also exotic. Across the flora and fauna, are little gems of flowers that stan strong against the scorching sun and blossom into colours that fill the desert.

Examples of these brave flowers include the Apache Plume, a small shrub that has white petaled flowers and bare fruits with feathery plumes. The Desert Marigold are wild yellow flowers that enjoy the sun across the desert of Northern Mexico and the South West of America. Lastly the Fairy Duster, a low spread shrub varied from a light pink to a fluorescent red colour across the Californian and Arizonan desert.

The Queen of The Night flower (Epiphyllum oxypetalum ) only found in the three American deserts including the Arizona desert is where the perfume brand Floral Street gained inspiration from for its newest scent. It’s even within the name that the perfume got it’s name Arizona Bloom. A scented blend of Balinese coconut, Madagascan black pepper, oakmoss and salted musks, a scent for the daring and free-spirited soul. This scent is available in 10ml, 50ml, and 100ml.

Floral Street Arizona Bloom perfume

The brand talks of the vegan scent as a dry floral amber a scent inspiring freedom and happiness bottled in a blue flask with bright yellow flowers. The dry sunshine of the desert life sprinkled with sensual spices musks and ever loved oakmoss.

When we pick up our favourite floral-scented perfume, we are reminded about the beauty of its beginnings whether its a rose or one from the wildest of lands. These floral scents have the ability to evoke memories or feelings of happiness.

Photographs Jason Yates

Floral Street -Arizona Perfume can be purchased on their website.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian‘s Rose collection can be found in John Lewis and Harrods.

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