A Fragrant Crowning Glory

By Laura Gerhaeusser

After taking a sniff of a zesty lemon, I can’t help but drift away into the memory of a past summer’s day, laying underneath the comforting shadow of a palm tree. Whereas clementines take me right back to a snowed-in day of a long gone Christmases, sat on the sofa with a Jane Austen novel. 

Science has shown that the part of our brain in which scents are being processed is directly connected to the corner that is responsible for reliving and keeping memories. So this often occurring scent-nostalgia comes to no surprise.

Because these sweet treasures are so incredibly distinct, yet so versatile – they have been the go-to notes for perfumers all over the world. 

Favourites include zesty lemons, uplifting oranges, deep neroli (blossom of the bitter orange tree) and aromatic bergamot (rind of the Seville orange). All scents that are guaranteed to bring an unmatched sense of life into luxurious perfumes. 

One of Britain’s most prestigious and longest-reigning perfume houses, Clive Christian, have now created two new fragrances – and “curiously citrusy” they are, indeed. 

Inspired by Prince Albert’s engagement gift to Queen Victoria – a broach depicting a sprig of orange blossom made from porcelain and gold, these two elegant scents are the celebration of not only one of the most iconic royal love stories there is, but the everlasting pioneers that are citrus fruits. 

Clive Christian - Mandarin
Clive Christian – Mandarin

1872 Mandarin is a fine blend of mandarin, violet and a curious citrus fusion that will take you on a journey through a summers orange grove. With its vibrant and energetic character, it brings a new perspective to the Clive Christian perfume evergreen 1872

Opening with a real burst of mandarin and a citrus freshness. It is summery, but with a pastel violet, that gives it an unusual facet .

Clive Christian - Neroli
Clive Christian – Neroli

The second fragrance in the line is X Neroli – a luscious blend of neroli, tuberose and cashmere, guaranteed to unleash its uniquely immersive character throughout the whole day to give you the most luxurious scent experience possible. 

It opens with a hit of fresh yet dry neroli, but at the same time it is warm and powdery. You then fall into the floral, woody warmth that surrounds and encompasses you.

Like all of their fragrances, both bottles will be proudly wearing the cap depicting the crown of Queen Victoria –  with personal permission and compliments to the perfume house given by the Sovereign herself in 1872. 

Starting out as The Crown Perfumery Company almost 150 years ago, the brand’s original founder William Sparks Thomson crafted fine bath salts for London’s high society, quickly moving on to producing other cosmetic goods. Over the years, the brand has quickly established itself and has been known for creating perfumes of the highest quality, groundbreaking new ingredients and revolutionary packaging. In doing so, it has found loyal supporters in some of the most well-known actors, visionaries and statesmen of its time.

In 1999, designer Clive Christian revived the brand’s concept by taking the shining light of the traditional brand and getting it ready for the turn of the century. His work resulted in the chic and beloved style of the perfumes we know and love today.

Find these two new additions to Clive Christian’s spectacular line of fragrances in stores on April 1st. 


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