A Glimpse Inside History

By Jo Phillips

Who do we think of when talking about English literature powerhouses? Chaucer, certainly; Shakespeare, yes-him too; but there is one writer who is not only considered a trailblazer in literature but also a British icon in general. Charlotte Brontë, the eldest of three author sisters, faced initial rejection like all the greats. In 1847, her first novel The Professor (written under the male pseudonym Currer Bell) was not accepted by publishers but, after careful planning, was adapted into the instantly successful Jane Eyre. Book lovers all around can now enjoy the chance to own a copy of Brontë’s original manuscript, which, up until now, has never been published. Complete with her own handwriting, revisions and corrections, the manuscript is officially being released by Editions Des Saint Pères, an independent publishing house known for their work with original manuscripts such as those by Lewis Carroll and Jean-Luc Godard.


Out on 2nd December, the three volume manuscript is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who is passionate about British culture and history. What makes Editions Des Saint Pères so special is not only the fascinating works they publish but also the way in which they are presented. Like their other manuscripts, this copy of Jane Eyre will be sold in a deluxe slipcase and be made with sustainable materials. The manuscript additionally includes etching illustrations by Edmund Garrett from the 1897 edition.


More information can be found here.

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