A Little drop of Magic

By Jo Phillips

Anti-Anxiety Products To Get You Through The Pandemic

In the current, uncertain circumstances, it is understandable that many adults are experiencing anxiety.

For those with existing mental health conditions, the Coronavirus pandemic will be just another experience they have to endure, and they will already have coping mechanisms in place.

However, many individuals have never experienced this level of extreme anxiety, which means that they need extra support.

If you’ve always enjoyed good mental wellbeing, and are now struggling with anxiety, then we’ve put together a list of products that can help you feel better, even when the world is in such a deplorable state.

St John’s-wort

A herbal product often used in the treatment of anxiety, St John’s-wort, also known as Hypericum Perforatum, is a natural anti-depressant. It is commonly used to treat mild depression and anxiety and is available over the counter, so you won’t need a prescription. You can find a range of solutions, including drops, sprays and tablets, that contain St John’s-wort, so you’ll have a choice of ways to ingest it and see if it will help you to reduce your anxiety.


CBD oil is a non-hallucinogenic, completely legal substance derived from the Cannabis plant, but without the THC chemical that makes the drug illegal and dangerous. It is often used to combat anxiety, so it can be a great solution for anyone who is suffering from situational anxiety as a result of the current crisis. CBD Brothers is a range of oils provided by The Original Alternative company and made from exclusively organic, high-quality plants. If you’re looking to start using CBD oil to combat your Coronavirus anxiety, then consider trying CBD Brothers’ products.

Chamomile Tea

A traditional, natural remedy for anxiety, chamomile tea is a soothing drink that can provide short-term relief for anxiety and negative thoughts. Drinking tea will also give you the chance to take time out of your hectic schedule and create a safe space for yourself to calm down in. Many quality tea retailers offer a range of different flavour combinations that involve chamomile, so you can find a beverage that suits your tastes and helps you to feel better mentally.

Mushroom Microdosing

Long before CBD oil came humans used natural mood-altering plants. One of the oldest plants used were psilocybin mushrooms. There is even a theory called the “the stoned ape theory” that suggests our evolution is caused by the consummation of these mushrooms.
Today there are many studies published on the topic of how we can use these mushrooms to reduce anxiety. The main focus is on microdosing, as many users reported when used properly it lowers their depression and anxiety levels greatly.
This Zamnesia article explains everything about magic mushrooms you would want to know.  

A Sunlight Lamp

One of the biggest causes of anxiety right now is the fact that we’re all stuck staying in our homes. If your home is dark, and you’re unable to go outside and enjoy natural light, then a UV lamp could be the perfect solution. Many lamps offer adjustable settings, so you can make your lampwork for you.

A Weighted Blanket

Anxiety can cause you to struggle to get to sleep at night, which in turn can lead to other health problems. A weighted blanket can be a great way to get more sleep and reduce your anxiety. Make sure that you choose the right weight and that you use your blanket regularly to feel the full benefits and get yourself feeling better, despite the crisis that you’re living through.

Anxiety is never easy to deal with, and if left untreated, it can lead to many physical and mental issues. Make sure that you contact your doctor if you’re really struggling so that you can keep yourself calm and get on the road to recovery.  

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