A Look at the Benefits of Family Pets for Children

By Jo Phillips

What child have you ever known who doesn’t want a pet? While dogs are the number one pet most kids ask for, you will also find that some kids want a cat, a bunny, a hamster and, of course, a horse. However, a horse is a bit large for most families but even so, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for those who live in the country or have the financial ability to stable their family horse. Whether or not to get a family pet is often a huge concern for parents, nonetheless, because of all the time and commitment involved. If you are on the fence over whether or not to get that family pet for your kids, let’s explore a few of the benefits of raising kids with a pet.

1. Pets Are Loyal and Give Love Unconditionally

One of the biggest benefits of having a family dog, for example, is that they give love unconditionally and are loyal at all times. A dog is ideal for families with kids who spend a lot of time by themselves either because they are only children or there is an inordinate amount of sibling rivalry going on in the home. Pets give children someone to talk to when they need to get their feelings out and a dog will not judge them, which is the epitome of unconditional love. If you have dog insurance from a provider like everypaw.comto cover any unexpected vet bills, you can have peace of mind if there is an accident while your pooch becomes your child’s best friend.

2. Pets Are Therapeutic

Just the act of petting a dog or cat can be therapeutic for kids. Study after study has shown that petting a dog not only soothes the dog but gives emotional comfort to the person as well. This is one of the main reasons why so many specialists use therapy dogs.

3. Pets Teach Kids Empathy

When a child’s dog takes ill. You get out the dog insurance, take the dog into the family vet and after treatment, the dog comes home needing a bit of extra care. Not only does this teach your children about empathy, feeling for the dog because it’s suffering, but it can teach a bit of responsibility as well. Medicine needs to be given at certain times, wounds need to be redressed and so forth. These are all lessons on feeling what others are experiencing and a vital life lesson for any child anywhere.

Even the act of getting puppy insurance can teach your child about responsibility. After all, it ensures your dog will get the medical attention it needs to live a strong and healthy life whilst teaching your kids they should always be looked after. One thing which most experts counsel against is getting a dog for the sole reason to teach kids about responsibility. Dogs are to be loved and cherished and if you get a dog to teach responsibility, your kids could come to resent them. That’s neither fair to the child nor the dog. But, in the end, you will find that the benefits a family pet offer your child are countless. Are you still debating? Probably not when you consider all these benefits!

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