A Luminous Pop-Up

By Millie Winter

A popular experience of this generation is that of pop up shops and events. Staying true to their name, they last anywhere from a single day to six months. The opportunity for artists and makers to come back this winter and present their pop up shops and exhibits after much time spent in solidarity and with little revenue has become vital. It allows for the opportunity for local artists to sell and share their masterpieces and makers to meet new customers. They are a great way to create exposure for a brand. Welcome, a bright, new immersive exhibit that a local artist has provided to North Greenwich. Read more here in A Luminous Pop-Up.

One of the luxuries of pop up exhibits is the high level of versatility the exhibits provide. For British experimental lighting designers, Squidsoup, take pride in creating immersive experiences in a broad range of places. Their newest exhibit can be found very close to the heart of London, in Greenwich Peninsula.

These timely exhibits create the opportunity for smaller and or local artists to present their work. In conjunction, it allows for bigger names to look out for rising young creatives.

Squidsoup is known for its “immersive experiences in digitally augmented spaces”. From November 29, the exhibit titled Wave consists of a 20-metre sculpture that will frame the entrance to the new Design District (Greenwich Penninsula Square).

The exhibit consists of many beautifully stung lights that form a wave-like shape. Not only is it a visual light experience, but one of audio as well. The Wave consists of 500 individual light orbs of many different LED colours.

This specific exhibit focuses on the designer’s interest in the properties of water.

“They have created an entrancing physical presence of how light, sound and movement can work in perfect harmony.”

Wave falls under Pennisula’s ‘Christmas Less Ordinary’ lineup for 2021, “a one-of-a-kind festive environment for those who love to push their creative boundaries.”

This exhibit is a worldly one as it has toured the world’s most creative festivals such as Burning Man and Canal Convergence Festival.

Each of the orbs is an autonomous sensate unit, meaning it is independent and cannot be controlled by outside sources such as human control or intervention.

The immersive exhibit will be at this location until January 10th, 2022. It is free admission.

Get more information about the exhibit here.

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