A Most Daring Little Flower

By Jo Phillips

If the Rose is the queen of perfumery and jasmine its rarest purest jewel then tuberose is its busty flamboyant sister, all boisterous blond and let’s say ‘rather large’.  Within the world of fragrance, Tuberose is no shrinking violet she is luscious and loud and we totally love her for that.  A rich creamy white floral scent with a slight”dirty” edge. A hint of green and some even talk of a honeyed accent.


In celebration of this flower, Carthusia has bought a new scent to the market as an unadulterated celebration of this physically delicate white flower that packs one hell of a punch.

The nose Luca Maffei builds an intense and sensual floriental, which is open and bright, warm and deeply sexy and it breaks into these layers.

Head: Plum, Elemi, Cinnamon which all bring a hot spicy heat to the opening, think of those Capri summers; hot sun fruit trees and food with warm spices

Heart: Tuberose Absolute, Ylang-Ylang, Rose.  The Tuberose is the queen here bursting through yet offsetting the more gentle and innocent rose and delicate ylang ylang making for a perfectly sensuous yet sexy middle

Base: Vetiver, Ambroxan, Vanilla, Musk, the lovely earthy vetiver recalls the slight earthiness that tuberose can have and if soften but powdery musk and sweet vanilla

Eau De Parfum Tuberosa

The perfume is housed in the elegant house style bottle with a splash of pink (even though the flower is white in real life). A perfume for those that like to be seen heard and most of all smelt!

Available to purchase in-store at Liberty London (and online via their website  RRP £80/ 100ml edt. 

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