A Rustle of Silky Feathers; A Powerful Vision by Kate MccGwire

By Anjali Sharma

Knock Knock. Who’s there? A parcel from a little girl held a world of wonder. Unwrapping it revealed a collection of feathers, each carrying a tale of trust, honour, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom. Alongside the delicate plumes was a sweet letter, a narrative penned with innocence, signed by a young soul. Little did the recipient know, this innocent gesture would set the stage for an extraordinary collaboration of art and fashion. Find out more in A Rustle of Silky Feathers;A Powerful Vision by Kate MccGwire

In the gentle rustle of feathers, one can find more than mere plumes; one can discover ethereal storytellers that cradle the whispers of ancient wisdom. Each delicate quill becomes a conduit to the divine, a silent messenger that carries the essence of ascension.

These feathers, far beyond the tangible, weave a narrative of reaching heights that transcend the earthly realm—a connection to unseen guides, whispered secrets, and the comforting presence of guardian angels. Each plume’s soft touch unfurls a yearning for freedom, akin to a bird’s wings in flight. These feathers, once remnants of avian grace, transform into emblems of liberation, urging us to soar above earthly constraints.

Yet, in their exquisite fragility, these storytellers become guardians of deeper meanings. Each feather shares its tale, a tale of spirituality, freedom, protection, justice, courage, and the intricate language of communication. They are not merely adornments; they are vessels of profound symbolism, encapsulating the very essence of the human experience.

The freedom entwined in its delicate strands resonates as an anthem for liberation, a reminder that we, too, possess the power to break free from the shackles that confine us.

Kate MccGwire, Co-Lab369

In the unveiling of “ENIGMA,” a unique fusion of art and fashion, British contemporary artist Kate MccGwire, known for her labour-intensive sculptural practice, joined forces with Paris-based Co-Lab369 to create a limited edition scarf collection inspired by these feathers she received from people around the globe.

The scarves, named Host, Nimbus Reflection, Cavort Iris, and Cavort East, emerged from McGuire’s childhood memories in Norfolk. Feathers and earthy tones intertwined, conjuring the timeless dance of nature and time. These scarves weren’t just garments; they were canvases, each bearing the unmistakable signature of MccGwire’s artistic legacy.

As a visual artist and sculptor, MccGwire’s creative process involved collecting, sorting, and cleaning materials. The resulting sculptures, simultaneously seductive and repulsive, organic and abstract, now found new life in bespoke scarves—wearable stories of the artist’s exploration of form and function.

The collaboration with Michelle Lindup, founder of Co-Lab369, is a manifestation of a decade-long friendship, sparked during a solo show at Galeries Filles de Calvaire in 2022. The scarves, crafted from a luxurious blend of silk, wool, and cashmere in Como, Italy, embodied meticulous craftsmanship. Between 50-100 scarves of each design are made available in this first edition.

Each scarf, an artisanal creation, embraced responsible production practices, including the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly dyes. The scarves were made to order, ensuring minimal waste, echoing the commitment to sustainability reflected in MccGwire’s new work.

Find all you need to know about Kate MccGwire here.

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