A sexy sexless scent

By Natalia Jaramillo

Sweet and endearing is the floral scent of a woman as she walks by, her red heels clicking across the floor and long hair swaying in the light breeze. The man who catches her sillage (the smell you leave behind), smells of woody tones with a hint of ginger, is standing in his black leather jacket and trousers gazing at her. This communication via scent where men and women’s perfumes differ greatly has since turned old fashioned as society moves towards the meshing of the two fragrances into one genderless beautiful aroma. 

The mad scientist of perfume, Geza Schoen, began whisking together different synthetic chemicals to make the perfume we all know today as Escentric Molecules. His signature mix of chemistry always includes the superpower chemical, Iso E Super, to create the long-lasting and head-turning smell of his perfumes. The delicate yet woody nature of the perfume’s aroma sharply contrasts the hard work and almost maddening-with-obsession mix of chemistry that Schoen has when creating a new perfume. 

Molecule 05 Fragrance

In his latest perfume duos, Escentric 05 and Molecule 05, his focus was not on sex. The gender-neutral smell is nothing new for Escentric Molecules but with these new fragrances, Schoen takes it a step further, as he always does. 

“As the gender gap becomes narrower, one could almost see scented bodies as helping maintain the status quo of bold-smelling alpha males and obedient females, adorned with a fragrance that makes them smell more like a delectable dessert than mature woman,” writes Carla Seipp for Escentric Molecules Art and Chemistry blog. 

Studies conducted have found that no matter if male or female the scent chosen is always very gender-neutral in the middle of the scent spectrum, According to Anna Lindqvist at Stockholm University’s Department of Psychology. 

The new Molecule 05 and Escentric 05 are all about summer heat and freshness in cashmeran. It has a musky and woody synthetic note with wet concrete facets and soft but sweet pine notes. It is the ideal scent for any gender as it doesn’t lean too floral or too musky for the willing man or woman of the modern age. It represents the feeling of soft cashmere wool.

Escentric Molecules always comes out with a pair of perfumes, one fragrance contains 65% of the signature molecule Iso E Super while the other has only the molecule Iso E Super. Escentric 05 is the summer heat with cashmeran notes while Molecule 05 is the Iso E Super version of summer freshness.

Escentric 05 Fragrance

For Schoen, perfume should be a personal experience rather than an aggressively marketed female or male scent. He feels the consumer should be comfortable wearing their scent no matter if a male takes a liking to a more floral scent and a female a more woody tone.   

We are far freer now to enjoy whichever scent takes our fancy. When perfumers like Geza break boundaries, it paves the way for us to do the same. You can find Escentric Molecules at Harvey Nichols as well.

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