A Slight of Design

By Stacey Potts

Some people’s idea of a home is making household products look like pieces of art, or that the items have some sort slight of design: what you see is not what you get. Some household designs are even out of this world, flamboyant but pleasing to the eye whilst others save space or defy expectations.


She wakes up yawning, not aware of what is really going on, but her alarm clock summons her loudly and she knows that this will involve action on her behalf.

Knowing this special new device gives her two minutes in which to turn it off otherwise, it will keep on ringing. She grabs it, turns the top of it clockwise until the searing sound stops. The very act of ‘doing’ makes this sleepy lady wake up and it’s why she loves it so. The very act of turning the top of the clock stops her from falling asleep again.

3 silver alarm clocks with a green screen and numbers

Now she feels awake and manages to take two steps out of her bedroom and into her bathroom. It’s time for her to take a shower.

Grabbing the shower gel out of the back pocket from her multifunctional bathing unit, then turning the metal handle on, a rush of water comes falling from the showerhead like a refreshing waterfall; her own personal mini rainforest.

This design Ebb fits best in her tiny bathroom; a flowing line of the basin, bath and shower connect together in one slimline unit.

A glass bath connected by a floating basin and shower

From her bathroom, she moves into the kitchen. Luckily it’s not a working day but she still needs her daily dose of coffee.

Taking her clear glass mug she fills it with water and places it in the centre of the smooth glass plate. Then she adds the lightweight metal rod that comes with this minimalistic kettle, that conducts the heat. One light touch of a button and the water begins to boil.

Within 60 seconds the electric ‘Miito’ kettle has her water boiled. so that she can place the much-needed coffee to it and enjoy her morning brew.

A glass cup with rod placed on a black plate in the kitchen

Recharged, her momentum kicks for a round house chores. Placing her circular robot hoover on the ground it begins to work its magic. On her bookshelf she reaches for a piece of art, shaped like a space-age arrow. But this ornament is also a workable machine.

Plugging it in, it wastes no time heating up the ceramic plate blowing a puff of steam, letting her know it’s ready to go. Grabbing a shirt she places it on the ironing board and within minutes the ‘Iron Man’ completes the task.

An silver plated iron sitting on top of a shirt

It’s time to eat and her stomach starts to growl calling her to the kitchen. Her boxed kitchen is made more efficient with her multipurpose cooker. It makes cooking from scratch more desirable since it chops, blends and cooks.

A slow cooker with two plates on the kitchen counter

Today, she’s opted for ‘Carrot chilli and coconut’ soup. With the carrots, garlic and onions in the pot, she touches the screen and sets it to chop. No need for a chopping board and knife, it does the work for her.

Adding in the stock, water and lentils she lets the machine boil until everything is soft ready to be cooked with the added coconut milk. For her last step, she then uses the blend mode on ‘Thermomix’ turning the ingredients into soup. Within minutes the aroma fills the room, calling her to take a bowl and pour in the hot lunch. Leaving the machine on self-clean she dives in.

Relaxed, she goes into the lounge to put on a film. Before she does this, she has to turn the bed her friend had slept on the night before, back into a sofa. Unzipping the cot like shape and folding the material over, it begins to take its new form. The felt fabric helps the material to fold and shift into different shapes She has the option of a sofa or two charis.

a green sofa with a lady folding it into different uses

It’s a hot day, and just before she settles into her film she grabs a iPad size fan and opens it up into a fan. Built with solar panels, the fan is self-sufficient allowing it to create its own energy. A switch of a button propels the hands of the fan creating a cool breeze in the room. Now she’s ready to be engrossed in this afternoons chosen thriller.

A small oval solar panel fan with pink strips

Household items listed in this article include:
No Snooze Alarm Clock Designer : Vivek Sasindran
Ebb bathroom set Designer : uSTogether
Vorwerk Thermomix TM6 multi-cooker Designer : Vorvek
Miito Precise Kettle Designer : Jasmina Grase and Nils Chudy
The Iron Man Designer: Xiaoneng Jin
Sosia sofa Designer : Emanuele Magini
Solar Panel Fan Designer: Yorick Stuyts

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