A Slim Peek

By Jo Phillips

.Cent magazine presented the students of the Speos Photography School in Paris and London on the two-year studio program with the idea to create an image of a set of images around the word Slight our June monthly theme. Their teacher Marc Beaussart @studiomarcbeaussart often contributes to .Cent and has his own amazing portfolio of work, and he has been a true pioneer of techniques like CGI. Here are the top three we have chosen from the class. All three of these students are the winners and will receive a commission via the school as their prize. He is the work of the best students so enjoy their take on slight images a slim peek into the new world creatives.

Emma June Roze

Emma June Roze is a Belgian photographer, based in Paris. Her spontaneous and personal style is reflected in her work. Find meaningful and strong images in a very soft and creative setting. It is by revolving around ordinary everyday things that her imagination takes over to create with her camera a different story every time.

Instagram @emmaroze

Laura Vesmare

Laura Vesmare is a still life photographer, based in Paris. From an Italian mother and a Franco-Polish father, she grew up in Gabon. Her multi-cultural background gave her a certain openness, where she feels it important to play with inanimate objects and to play with colours, textures, geometric shapes in order to create creative images, which encourage reflection. 

Instagram @pics_of_laura

Here in her series of images she wanted to play with textures such as water or tracing paper that corresponds perfectly to the theme for her of slight. Making elements come to the surface or touch a surface was an obvious way for her to explore. 

She says “let your imagination run free in order to guess what is hidden under a tracing paper surface”.


“As like we had played in childhood, I use a magnifying glass to focus sunlight. I’m fascinated by this visual effect which reminds me of the Universe, time and reincarnation. I believe there is a link between them, and I’m trying to find it out by this series. Sun rays goes through symmetric surfaces of a convex lens, the concentrated light is converted to heat. Just like our life course, by learning knowledge, receiving information, and experiencing everything in life, we make ourselves burn to shine”. 

Instagram @leeyichentw

Assisted by Qiting LIN 

Instagram @Speos_photo

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