A Symphony of Historical Devotion in Scent & Beauty, With Love from Italy by Dolce & Gabbana.

By Anjali Sharma

Imagine, if you will, the sun-drenched hills of Sicily, where the air is scented with the intoxicating aroma of citrus groves. Think of the sun going down on a summer evening, whilst mesmerised by outdoor cinema screens filled with the archetypal Italian heroine. If not outside in the countryside then a city filled with Roman ruins and Renaissance art, such a tapestry of colour, sound and texture. It is here in Italy, where Dolce & Gabbana found their inspiration and where they continue to create.

Once upon a time, in the heart of Rome, two visionary designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, embarked on a journey to blend the timeless elegance of the Renaissance with the allure of 1960s Italian cinema. Portraits of Florence’s rulers, Lorenzo the Magnificent and Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, found new life on gold brocade tunics on the runway.

But the Dolce & Gabbana story didn’t stop at the Renaissance. They delved into the mesmerising world of 1960s Italian cinema, where stars like Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Gina Lollobrigida, and Marcello Mastroianni shone brightly. With an eye for storytelling through fashion, they captured the timeless elegance and sensuality of La Dolce Vita.

As their story unfolded, Dolce & Gabbana adapted to the digital age. In a nod to the future, they unveiled “Dolce & Gabbana Generation Millennials: The New Renaissance.” This was a tale within a tale, a scrapbook documenting the unique perspective of a generation born in the digital age. It was a tribute to those who loved and supported the luxury fashion house, a bridge between tradition and modernity. Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce welcomed millennials into their legacy with open arms.

Dolce&Gabbana’s reemergence as a champion of Italian culture and heritage is a testament to their enduring love affair with their homeland. Their dedication to preserving the soul of Rome, combined with a relentless pursuit of modernity, has resulted in collections that are an artistic expression of the city and country as a whole.

They captured the essence of a nation in every silk blouse, brocade corset, and drop of scent.

Like many brands in order to grow and cement their brand, they turned to licensing. This allowed brands to work with outside specialists to create items like sunglasses, watches, makeup, and perfume. The external specialist in each arena works directly with the brand to bring to market items that a fashion house can’t do with ease.

Look at most luxury companies and see that perfumes, makeup sunglasses, watches even luggage and homewares created under the house’s name are not actually made by the house. However, the license partner will design (under the houses’ direction) make, and distribute these goods giving a percentage of sales back to the brand.

This is mainly what enabled so many luxury brands to build their houses into stable and then universal companies. After all, it is far easier to sell 3,000 lipsticks in a day than 3,000 dresses.

But in the end, what many brands found is that by working with this business model it began to create a rift from its very core and so luxury brands started to ‘buy back’ the licenses in order to produce these items themselves. This is no easy route, but it is the best way to keep the DNA of a house true. And, this is exactly what Dolce and Gabbana have done

In an incredibly short space of time (just under two years) Dolce and Gabbana have taken back control of the whole of their beauty division. This meant learning and finding expertise in, say making lipsticks, bottling, and distributing perfumes. Things that take years usually to become experts in. So first comes the new in-house collection DEVOTION as their opening gambit in their own driven beauty arena.

The new women’s fragrance emerges. Crafted in Italy with raw materials of the highest quality, this fragrance was created with the brand and master perfumer Olivier Cresp. It unfolds as a sensory journey, beginning with radiant top notes that give way to a sensual heart where Orange blossoms meet Madagascar Vanilla, heightened by a touch of candied citrus for a gourmand allure.

Crafted and built around a truly magnificent real Vanilla, not a cheap substitute. Vanilla fragrances are very much the rage right now but only a handful of truly skilled ‘noses’ can work with the best natural ingredients.

After all, to know true Vanilla is to know it is creamy warming, and sweet tones but also Woody, Ambery, and alongside can be almost Smokey and Boozy elements. Here Olivier Cresp has bought to the core of this elixir true Vanilla in all her majesty.

The opening of the perfumes brings Canid Lemon that follows onto Orange Blossom both the very hillside of summer in Italy. These notes meld with the most delicious of Italian desserts rich and creamy Pannacotta with a slug of Rum to pep it up. The vanilla lays open her heart at the very base of the scent, echoing her facets back to the other ingredients allowing all her hues to shine.

The fragrance is not only a masterpiece of scent but also an embodiment of Dolce & Gabbana’s sacred home.

At the core of this olfactory masterpiece lies the visual Sacred Heart, an iconic symbol deeply rooted in Dolce & Gabbana’s artistic legacy. It represents love in all its myriad forms and hues, gracing the latest fragrance with its unmistakable embellishments. ,

With Devotion Eau de Parfum, Dolce&Gabbana Beauty turns a new page and It’s a chapter that continues to merge the timeless artistry of the brand with the contemporary world. And is a remarkable stopping and starting point in this new journey for the house.

The brand, in conjunction with the launch of the new Devotion Eau de Parfum, has unveiled the Devotion Makeup Collection. It captures the essence of the modern Dolce and Gabbana woman, bold, confident, and effortlessly beautiful.

Whether you’re aiming for a sultry smoky eye, a bold lip, or a dewy complexion. The Devotion Makeup collection includes Devotion Illuminating Face Powder, Devotion Extreme Volume Mascara, and Devotion Liquid Mousse Lipstick available in nine shades divided into Nudes, Pinks, Coral, and Reds.

What sets them apart is not just their impeccable quality but also their innovative vegan formulations. The Devotion Liquid Mousse Lipstick is a soft and lightweight lipstick with a comfortable and ultra-performing texture for smooth, matte, and defined lips thanks to a formula that works in just a few seconds. No-transfer and long-lasting (up to 16 hours), it immediately releases a pure, intense, and extra-coverage colour, giving an instant sensation of hydration and well-being.

The Devotion Illuminating Face Powder instantly enhances the complexion thanks to a state-of-the-art formula: a long-lasting (up to 16 hours) Oil Infused Powder that combines the benefits of liquid and powder illuminators in one product with a hyper-sensorial and comfortable texture. The high concentration of pigments and luminous pearls enhances all skin tones, giving a sophisticated and radiant appearance while highlighting the natural glow.

Or the innovative Devotion Extreme Volume Mascara that is resistant to water, and gives lashes +205% volume. Lightweight and comfortable, it contains 84% natural origin ingredients, including an active principle obtained from oranges produced in Calabria. From their upcycling, a sustainable ingredient is obtained, known for its beneficial effects on lashes.

Again the heart emblem is woven into each design, coating the powder case and adding a tip to the lipsticks and mascaras. The colour palette pays homage to the Diva which is the Italian woman; a woman many of us desire to be. It’s all about celebrating individuality and expressing emotions through makeup.

And if that weren’t enough the brand has just announced that singer Katy Perry is the new face of this collection advert. Capri’s Marina Grande and its characteristic pier; crowded with old fishing boats, the scent of orange blossoms, and the noise of the festive crowd. And suddenly, a glance. The film stars Katy Perry vacationing on the azure island on a sunny Mediterranean day. Arriving at the pier, Katy catches the fleeting gaze of Michele Morrone, who plays a young local fisherman…

In essence, Devotion Eau de Parfum and the Devotion Make-Up Collection are a harmonious symphony of scent and beauty. A majestic return, done in a remarkably short time, but one that embraces beauty and devotion in all its forms whether it’s in the fragrance that graces your skin or the makeup that adorns your face.

As always, melded with the Italian flair we know and love from the fathers of Italian style; Welcome home.

Find more about Devotion at Dolce&Gabbana

Available now exclusively at Harrods

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