A Well Being?

By Adlin Pinto

Resilience is the ability to believe in yourself, to cope to the best of your abilities, to adapt well in difficult circumstances and to bounce back from adversity. Resilience is more than just a state of mind: healthy, balanced eating habits and regular exercise are necessary for all people to deal with the symptoms of stress. Read more about self-love in our article A Well being here.

Being resilient doesn’t mean going through life without experiencing stress and pain. People feel grief, sadness, and a range of other difficult emotions. Being resilient is about working through the emotions and effects of stress and painful events, not avoiding them. Right now, our resilience is being tested like never before, so taking mindful, much-needed steps to protect and nurture ourselves is vital. The problem is time. We can’t add another item to our to-do list meaning our wellbeing is being de-prioritized and compromised.  

But there are simple and quick options out there, that help us take just a few moments to give ourselves a little bit of much-needed me-time.

The new mind, body, and skincare brand, Aroma Active Laboratories has been created to resilience-proof your day. The brand unites the powerful and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy with its natural active ingredients to enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. So whatever life puts in your way like, feeling unwell, unable to sleep, have a headache, an achy body, sensitive skin, sore over washed hands, chapped lips Aroma Active Laboratories has a product collection designed to meet your daily needs fast, effectively, and naturally. Helping ensure your resilience maintained.

Aroma Active Laboratories is totally led by nature utilising elements the earth naturally offers us and the brand has taken its know-how of these magical ingredients and enhanced and captured them into four different solution-led collections. Each contains natural every-day problem solvers that fit effortlessly into your established daily routine.

The Soothe Collection

For when your skin is freaking out and flaring up. A thing that happens and many of us feel a level of shame over. Flare up’s can be driven by so many different things from food to stress all the way to the environment, so it’s welcome to have a set of products that simply help.

Made up of five nourishing and hydrating skincare saviours created for irritated or sensitised skin. Each product works to repair the natural barrier function of the skin (the skin’s natural ph level is 5.5 which is good to maintain for healthy skin) whilst soothing sore, uncomfortable, inflamed skin, bringing it back into its natural balance.

The aromatherapy oil used in this family: A soothing and calming blend of blue tansy, immortelle, known for its antiseptic properties, adaptogenic lavender and patchouli. Combined for their moisturising & cooling effects and to relax both mind body and spirit.

The natural actives: A soothing complex of Lactococcus ferment probiotic that promotes skin renewal, oat kernel oil, containing natural ceramides, glycolipids for low foam cleansing and anti-inflammatory Bisabolol. This combination helps build the skin barrier, restore its microbiome and promote calm, smooth and healthy skin.

And the products:-

Soothing Universal Repair Cream Light–  A quickly absorbed, all purpose, barrier-building cream to hydrate dry or irritated skin.

Soothing Universal Repair Cream -A rich, barrier-building, all-purpose cream. Formulated to deeply moisturise dry, irritated and dehydrated skin.

Soothing Solid Lip Oil- A solid balm which transforms to a rich oil on contact with lips to soothe, nourish and protect.

Soothing Body & Face Cleanser– A gentle, low-foam cleanser to protect and soften the skin on both body and face.

Soothing Overnight Face Balm- A deeply hydrating, overnight, treatment to help soothe and calm skin. Wake up to skin that appears plumped and healthy.

The Muscle Collection.

For everyday aches, pains, twinges and strains. As well as for when you are overdone with the home workout. even think of those days when are you do is sit in a chair and hold numerous online meetings, our bodies hold this stress and its important at the wend of the day to ‘wash it away’

Made up of three performance led products expertly blended to relax, restore and revive a tired, achy body and to aid its safe and comfortable recovery. Mind and body is re-energised and back in the game.

The aromatherapy oils in the family: A cooling & easing blend of anti-inflammatory turmeric, rosemary known for its soothing & easing effects, apoptogenic lavender and marjoram combined for their cooling & calming effects and cinnamon & ginger known to ease discomfort and tension.

The natural actives: A relieving complex of arnica known for its healing properties, instantly cooling menthol, antioxidant rosemary to invigorate body & mind. Patchouli leaf extract, which  contains natural Phyto cannabinoids calm and relax the mind , body and skin akin to the effects of CBD.


Muscle Recovery Balm- A melting, cooling balm to help recovery.

Muscle Recovery Soak- A milky bath soak to help relieve tension and stimulate body & mind.

Muscle Cooling Gel– A cooling gel for instant relief and recovery for general stiffness or to soothe tired limbs.

The next collection is the:-

Aroma Active Laboratories SOS

For when you’re run down and need a fast problem solver and effective pick me up. We all know those days when you physically and mentally ache but you know there is still more to do, a perfect quick-fix solution, with long-lasting benefits.

Made up of three natural and effective remedies that help alleviate everyday ailments such as tension headaches, cold symptoms, and feeling sluggish. Providing comfort and relief in those times of need.

The aromatherapy oils used in this family: A restorative blend of clearing eucalyptus, anti-inflammatory palmarosa, cooling peppermint used traditionally to aid digestive wellbeing, and lemon to energise and uplift all promoting overall emotional wellbeing.

The natural actives: A supportive complex of instantly cooling menthol, centella asiatica (CICA) an adaptogen that has been used historically due to its healing and soothing benefits and camomile to soothe and calm.


SOS Chest rub-  An uplifting balm to soothe and clear. Think like a modern-day rubbing option, smooth and enlightening.

SOS Stomach Massage Oil- An aromatic, comforting massage oil for the stomach area, using gentle clockwise massage movements. The stomach holds much stress and is important to keep healthy during overwork so a gentle rub goes a long way

SOS Forehead Balm -A cooling and calming forehead balm. Something to rub into when you feel the tension rising.


Aroma Active Laboratories Sleep

For when your brain won’t stop whirring at night or when stress wakes you up in the middle of the night. When the activity of the day means your head will not stop thinking and processing, yet you are desperate to let go.

Made up of four sleep fixers that exist to calm the mind, tune out the stresses of the day and prepare your body for a restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

The aromatherapy oils in this family: A relaxing blend of lavandin, valerian, known for its calming effect on the mind & body, ylang ylang & balancing buddhawood. Combined for their calming, centring & relaxing effects.

The natural actives: A calming complex of Hops and Valerian which are traditionally used to improve sleep as both have a natural sedative effect. The potent scent of hops also helps to lengthen sleep time. Plankton (in the face oil) regulates the skin’s circadian rhythm and protects it from damaged caused by insufficient sleep. 


Sleep Mist -A calming and relaxing mist to induce and improve quality of sleep.

Sleep Pulsepoint Rollerball–  An on the go solution to instantly calm and release tension before sleep.

Sleep Salt Soak– A relaxing salt soak to calm your body and mind for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Over Night Recovery Face Oil– A restorative face oil to help relax and unwind for a peaceful night’s sleep. Wake up to fresher, plumper looking skin.

The brand has used post-consumer recycled content in as many components as possible. This means that the relevant substrates are partly made up of plastics that have been diverted from landfill taking away from potential waste to create something new. All of their plastic bottles and tubes contain up to 40% PCR plastic.

Also very important for a brand built around nature is that all the products are free from, SLES/SLS, Parabens, Silicone, Mineral oil, PEG, and none of the products have been tested on animals.

Whether you need to soothe dry skin, relax before sleep, relieve muscles, or are looking for natural alternatives when feeling run down. Aroma Active Laboratories has a formula for you. The wonderful added bonus is the utter affordability of these items. Not priced to be exclusive but built as a brand that all can indulge in. Because let’s face it, each and every one of us needs a little bit of me-time

Aroma Active Laboratories will be on sale in 47 Boots stores across the UK from 19th November 2020. Also available on Boots.com.

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