Do you sniff your man?

By Alimatu Milania Moreira Jallo

Do you take a sniff of your boyfriends’ hair? I don’t. I sniff his pillow. It’s basically a drug, isn’t it? You just become addicted to the smell once you fall in love. We are genetically programmed to enjoy the smell of someone we love. Actually, it’s science. According to many who have written about the subject, it’s not the actual odour you’re actually attracted to. You might just like their smell more because you’re attracted to the other person and that overall scent is quite unique to them, their own natural smell or even the fragrance they wear. Anyways, if you want to add to your lover’s scent, this article will take you through Acqua di Parma’s addictive new BARBIERE collection.

The BARBIERE collection enriches us with six different formulas: Mild Shampoo, Thickening Shampoo, Illuminating Shampoo for Grey and White Hair, Defining Cream, Modelling Clay and Fixing Wax. They offer a “satisfying sensorial experience” with Acqua di Parma’s signature fragrance of Colonia which “embodies quintessential Italian sense of lightness and sophistication.”

The Mild and Thickening Shampoo are both designed for everyday use, they both respect the balance of skin and hair and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, undoing any environmental damage. The mild shampoo has a gentle formula that thoroughly removes impurities, it has a light and transparent texture, whilst the thickening shampoo formula has a volumizing effect, working on the structure of the hair revitalising it and adding body. None of them require conditioning due to their conditioning agents that nourish the hair. 

For the slightly older man, there’s an option as well. With the Illuminating Shampoo, your beloved one’s hair would be left with a smooth consistency and bright colour as it is designed for grey and white hair. The Illuminating Shampoo is a formula that acts on the scale of the hair leaving it revitalised and shiny.

 The defining cream has a light and creamy texture that makes obtaining a natural style easy as it is designed to condition the hair without drying it or weighing it down, eliminating any static electricity. 

As for the Modelling Clay and Fixing Wax, they are both suitable for all hair lengths. The Modelling Clay has a residue-free formula that gives hair a medium hold allowing it to be remodeled multiple times a day and it also has an opaque effect on the hair leaving it soft and natural. When it comes to the Fixing Wax, it’s a formula that gives hair a subtle shine ideal for a defined and elevated style.

What makes this new haircare and styling line special is the way they approach sustainability. Their “styling product containers are made from recyclable materials” and their “shampoo bottles are made from recycled and recyclable material.” They reduce their need for waste disposal by discarding the presence of secondary packaging.  

Acqua di Parma’s new BARBIERE collection presents us with stunning eco-friendly packaging to boot so it’s a win-win.

(Left) Acqua Di Parma Gentle shampoo// (Center) Acqua Di Parma Thickening shampoo// (Bottom right) Acqua Di Parma Grooming cream light hold // (Top right) Acqua Di Parma Fixing wax stronghold.  
Acqua Di Parma Gentle shampoo: No-aggressive formula that removes everyday dirt, impurities and styling products.  It protects the hair from pollution whilst promoting healthy, soft and shining hair.
Acqua Di Parma Thickening shampoo: By having a rich formula this shampoo gently removes everyday dirt as well as impurities and styling products leavings from the scalp and the hair, without drying the scalp. It protects the hair from pollution whilst strengthening it and making it seem stronger, thicker and full of volume.  
Acqua Di Parma Grooming cream light hold: Creamy and light texture works towards a natural and no frizzy hairstyle.  The cream conditions the hair and helps to reset static electricity on the hair.
Acqua Di Parma Fixing wax stronghold: With a wax texture that allows a discreetly shiny finish, without drying the hair and helping manage structured looks with a stronghold. The non-drying formula gives hair a sleek look without residue or greasiness.

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Credits The Barbiere Haircare collection: Mild Shampoo, Thickening Shampoo, Illuminating Shampoo for Grey and White Hair, Defining Cream, Modelling Clay and Fixing Wax
Acqua Di Parma

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