Adidas: Tubular

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

With Adidas ever growing success, of course it’s always a good time for a new design from the Adidas Original team. Thus comes to Tubular collection. “The Tubular at its core is a franchise of natural evolution – carrying Performance DNA into thestyle arena.”
adidas Originals Tubular X Launch (1)
adidas Originals Tubular X Launch (2)
.Cent got invited to the launch event of the Tubular collection, and we are oh so grateful. The event not only allowed us to see the full beautiful collection displayed with a beautiful UV light frame but seeing it all together really showed off the beauty of the designs. The collection was displayed alongside a fashion film, quotes from the head designer and the lookbook hung as posters. “Originals brought the worlds of style and design together, merging forward-thinking music and visuals, to create a launch moment for London to remember.”
adidas Originals New Gen (2)
Not only was this event  the best time to showcase your favourite Adidas footwear but it was a chance to meet young creatives and overall merge the fashion and music world. The event was very interactive with a IPAD installed with a GIF app. And of course a dance floor, which included music from Benji B and Martelo, Ossie and Acyde. Test out your dancing skills in your new Tubular.
Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.07.58
Cocktails covered with Tubular love and light snacks where provided while you enjoyed the lookbook. In the corridors was art work all with the Tubular collection in mind. Overall this was a beautiful and fun way to display the new Tublar collection and what a successful night it was! Thankyou Adidas our new Christmas wish list, and thankyou for having us.
Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.09.39
adidas Originals Cream Soda (2)
adidas Originals Cream Soda (1)

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