Advent Calendar: 13th December

By Jo Phillips

Memo Pad at Muji
Made from 50% recycled paper, featuring lightweight notepaper – this memo is perfect for quick memos and drawings.

Confetti Rocket set at The White Company
Holiday season is getting close and for New Years’ Eve we need confetti rockets! This set from The White Company is the ultimate party starter and will guarantee a flying start to your New Year’s Eve. Use them to decorate your living room for a lovely sparkle for the special occasion. One set provides six rockets, and each one decorated with a ‘pull me’ ribbon and a glittery rocket head. Get the New Year’s celebrations started!

From top: 

Porcelain Bells at The White Company
This is a statement piece for your tree, featuring a working ringer inside of it and creating a festive mood instantly. It is made from natural porcelain and has a matte finish, with Scandic-inspired twine attached to the top of it.

Antique Teardrop Baubles – Set of 3 at The White Company
A beautiful addition to your tree! The set includes three baubles with an antique mercury finish, matte pearl finish and one with a clear design.

Winter Heart Pomander from a selection at The White Company
This is the perfect addition to your home during the festive holidays. Featuring an inviting aroma, stepping in from the winter cold, this pomander features notes of cinnamon and clove adding warmth to your room and mood.

Beaded Love Decoration at The White Company
Made from silver glass beads, artfully hand-threaded around a metal frame, this is the perfect Christmas decoration. It is designed in-house, and due to the expert hand-crafted techniques, no pieces are the same – making it very personal. Hang it on your door knob, Christmas tree our group it with other products from the beaded collection.

Hoopla Alphabet Pendant at Annoushka
Use these pendants as an earring, choker, necklace or bracelet. With this unique piece of jewellery, featuring 18 carats yellow gold and 10 diamonds – you can rock any outfit. This is a trendsetter ladies.

Art is such an important part of society and Tender is fighting to prove that. They are an arts charity working with young people, preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence through promoting healthy relationships that are based on equality and respect. We love their work – go support them here!

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