Advent Calendar: 17th December

By Jo Phillips

Memo Pad at Muji
Made from 50% recycled paper, featuring lightweight notepaper – this memo is perfect for quick memos and drawings.

Set of 8 Christmas Whistle Orchestra Crackers at dotcomgiftshop
These Christmas crackers are not like the normal ones. Get this for your Festive Gathering and make a whistle orchestra! Each cracker contains a snap, hat, motto and whistle. Organise participants from one to eight, pick a tune and blow your whistle when your number appears on the speakers.

Advent Calendar at Diptyque
Featuring 25 small treasures you can enjoy before the big day. Offering a unique selection of Diptyque’s best-selling fragrances, this is the perfect calendar for any perfume lover!

Hoopla Alphabet Pendant at Annoushka
Use these pendants as an earring, choker, necklace or bracelet. With this unique piece of jewellery, featuring 18 carats yellow gold and 10 diamonds – you can rock any outfit. This is a trendsetter ladies.

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