Advent Calendar: 21st December

By Jo Phillips

Memo Pad at Muji
Made from 50% recycled paper, featuring lightweight notepaper – this memo is perfect for quick memos and drawings.

Confetti Rocket set at The White Company
Holiday season is getting close and for New Years’ Eve we need confetti rockets! This set from The White Company is the ultimate party starter and will guarantee a flying start to your New Year’s Eve. Use them to decorate your living room for a lovely sparkle for the special occasion. One set provides six rockets, and each one decorated with a ‘pull me’ ribbon and a glittery rocket head. Get the New Year’s celebrations started!

From left:

Esprit de Kardisha Candle at Ideo Perfumers 
Featuring an oriental smokey wood note with cedar-wood, plus an incense and smoked-wood accord.

Chilli, La Paz Bolivia, Scented Candle at Lalique
This candle is from the Voyage de Parfumeur collection, highlighting Lalique’s Hirondelles motif. It features a black lacquered glass and has a burning time of 40 to 50 hours.

Vintage 2016 Elderflower Single Wick Candle at Molton Brown
This is a luxurious limited edition candle, and it does smell amazing. With top notes of grapefruit and mandating, and a base of vetiver and ambergris – this is the perfect scented candle to make a comfortable atmosphere.

From left: 

“Pure” Scented Candle at Linari
Featured in a velvet coated glass, a wooden lid and wick – this candle is the perfect minimalistic add to your living room. It has a unique fragrance, with a long-lasting exclusive scent containing a large percentage of fragrance.

Linari Boule de Parfum at Linari
This perfume is made by hand in Provence, with each piece being made of interwoven stalks combined with exclusive ribbons, which meld together creating a sculptured bottle awakening your visuals.

Notre Dame by Bruno Jovanovic at Frederic Malle
In his lab in New York City, Bruno designed this perfume to capture the warmth vapour and damp coolness of the city.

From left:

Fir & Berry Candle at The White Company
This features an aromatic whirlwind of woody notes, with a heart of the orange zest and cinnamon. It creates a feeling of subtle relaxation using amber, moss, musk and sandalwood, and is the perfect gift for a loved one.

Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine Candle at Molton Brown
This is perfect for Christmas, featuring an elegant and seasonal candle with notes of juniper, berry, pine tree and oakmoss. It fills your room with a scent of a fresh untouched winter landscape, and yes – it does smell amazing.

Mughetto Scented Candle by Carthusia
This candle fills your home with a feeling of a fresh, clean and sweet scent of lily. It is designed in a frosted glass engraved with the Carthusia logo and perfect for the whole house.

Hoopla Alphabet Pendant at Annoushka
Use these pendants as an earring, choker, necklace or bracelet. With this unique piece of jewellery, featuring 18 carats yellow gold and 10 diamonds – you can rock any outfit. This is a trendsetter ladies.

Enchanted Forest at The Very Nature

Vivid citrus is intertwined with classic florals on a dramatic amber base

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