Advent Calendar: 3rd December

By Jo Phillips

Memo Pad at Muji
Made from 50% recycled paper, featuring lightweight notepaper – this memo is perfect for quick memos and drawings.

Set of 8 Christmas Whistle Orchestra Crackers at dotcomgiftshop
These Christmas crackers are not like the normal ones. Get this for your Festive Gathering and make a whistle orchestra! Each cracker contains a snap, hat, motto and whistle. Organise participants from one to eight, pick a tune and blow your whistle when your number appears on the speakers.

From left: 

Purple Iris Nobile Gift Set at Aqua di Perma
This gift set featuring Eau de Parfum with vibrant notes and, bath & shower gel and the luminous body cream from the brand. This is the perfect gift for the woman with elegance and style.

Orange Colonia Intensa Gift Set at Aqua di Perma 
Offering Shower Gel, Shampoo and Post-Shave all in one set, with a scent of tactile woody-leather, this is the perfect gift for the confident man with style.

Set of 3 Perspex Lulu Doll Face Baubles at Lulu Guinness
Lulu has been immortalised as an emoji and we really can’t wait to add some charm to our tree this season.

Nude Rose Lips & Lipstick Bauble Set at Lulu Guinness
This set will be the highlight of any Christmas party, cause who doesn’t want cool and chic nude lipstick on their three?

Classic Red Lips & Lipstick Bauble Set at Lulu Guinness
Add Lulu to your Christmas decor, staying fashionable during the Christmas season, while sticking to the traditional classic red.

Perspex Kooky Cat Bauble at Lulu Guinness
Add a chic touch to your home with this Kooky Cat from Lulu. It is one of the brand’s most popular motifs and will certainly add some fun to your Christmas decorations.

Hoopla Alphabet Pendant at Annoushka
Use these pendants as an earring, choker, necklace or bracelet. With this unique piece of jewellery, featuring 18 carats yellow gold and 10 diamonds – you can rock any outfit. This is a trendsetter ladies.

We think of Christmas as a time to give and there’s no better way to give than supporting a charity. Today’s charity is The Survivors Trust, supporting victims of rape and sexual abuse every day.

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