Aesop Elemental Facial Barrier Cream

By Jo Phillips


As LCM is coming to a close (and boy has it been a wonderful few days) we are reporting on Aesop’s latest release, Elemental Facial Barrier Cream, is a richly nourishing formulation suitable for all skin types but particularly beneficial for dry and sensitive skin and those exposed to cold, harsh conditions. It provides intensive moisture to the skin and effective barrier protection against dehydrating elements in and out of doors, with a smooth, sustained finish.

Aesop do not have a face cream that is targeted to a specific gender – Be great to keep it general. The Elemental Facial Barrier Cream is targeted to men, and women, who are currently in an environmentally harsh condition, and therefore need to nurture their skin a little more. It’s very relevant for the busy person frequenting many shows / events at LCM, as they are rushing around going from freezing cold to artificially heated situations, all of which can take it’s toll on the skin.


Elemental Facial Barrier Cream is packaged in a 60mL amber glass jar. It will be available from June 2015 at Aesop signature stores, department store counters and selected stockists globally,and online.

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