After The Rain Comes…

By Imogen Hart

The warm breeze hit Laura’s skin as she raced down highway 1 in a top-down convertible. With every brake Laura could smell the hot tarmac grazing across the bottom of the wheels, letting out a slight screech as the car came to a halt. Laura was driving to Big Sur for a long-needed weekend getaway to blow off some steam. The salty sea wind was blowing through her hair, leaving it textured in crispy waves. As she approached the coastline, she could see the sun setting over the ocean, she was hit with the overwhelming smell of sea-salt and fresh air. 

She pitched up her tent alongside some foliage, the smell of the eucalyptus trees filled the camp, creating an unmistakably fresh and minty aroma. She changed into her wetsuit, pulling the thick neoprene fabric tight over her torso and zipping it up. Grabbing her surfboard, she ran towards the ocean, feeling the soft sand crunch beneath her toes with every step. The warm ocean water submerged her lower body, the waves crashing harshly against her legs, filling her with adrenaline as she surfed toward them. Slowly, the waves began to tame, and a thick cloud loomed over the sea, immersing Laura into the evening. She straddled her surfboard, feeling the calm waves bob beneath her, waiting for them to resume again. Soft droplets of warm rain began to roll down her cheeks. The rain picked up and the waves came to a peaceful halt. She swam back to shore, feeling the warm sea water flow between her fingers with every stroke. Eventually the water became shallow enough for her to stand, her feet sinking into the wet sand.

She unzipped the tent leaving it open and brushed off her sandy legs before collapsing onto her feather sleeping bag, allowing her to dry off whilst watching the storm unfold. The smell of the coastal breeze combined with the eucalyptus trees created the perfect array of scents which filled her nostrils and immersed her into complete relaxation as she listened to the rain splashing against the tent roof. The storm subsides and Laura lays with her head out of the tent, inhaling the post-rain air into her lungs. 

“a great scent is a world you can return to over and over – a keyhole into another realm.” – D.S. & DURGA.

If the mixture of scents that Laura is experiencing appeals, then know that it is inspired by the D.S. & DURGA Big Sur After Rain collection.

In 2007 in an apartment in Bushwick; D.S. & DURGA was born. Drawing inspiration from the world surrounding them, Kavi Durga and David Seth Moltz began their business. Most famous for their perfumes and colognes, of which there are eighteen.

Big Sur After Rain is now available in a hand soap, the first that they have released. Packed with vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea leaf extract, this hand soap has been specifically designed to moisturise and gently nourish the skin. Also available in a candle and air freshener, the Big Sur After Rain collection blends scents of coastal rain, pacific spray, eucalyptus and magnolia creating a refreshing and memorable scent.

D.S. & DURGA Big Sur After Rain hand soap

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